Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello Kitty, Bunnies and Rain Forest

Hey everyone!!! Oh my gosh, I did NOT mean to disappear for a week. I know I was trying to figure out to do with my nubs and mutant nubs but I intended to post. It was a REALLY busy week though. I went to the doctor to find out my Vitamin D is low. The three things you get Vitamin D from naturally are the sun, milk and eggs. Those are the three things I hate most! SOOO no wonder I am low on the stuff lol. 

My cousin came to town from California with her twins. They are 4 and I haven't seen them since they were a few months old. SO I had to get ready. I made some of these bunny egg things. 

They have eggs inside them. Unfortunately I didn't get these done in time to give them to the girls. I was able to see them once but didn't have a chance to get them done and wasn't able to see them again before they left. :(  I wish I had been able to spend more time with them. 

They are super cute though. I brought them some chicks that light up when you hit them. THEY LOVED THEM! They were a hit!!

I also made each of them one of these Hello Kitty hats. SO CUTE! I had to wash them because they are allergic to Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior so I wasn't able to give these to them. I did give them to my cousin, they were still pretty wet when I got there.

At least they were able to get these while they were here. I really wanted to see their reactions to them though.

I also made them each a Hello Kitty purse. I had these done by Friday so my mom could bring them up when she was going to visit. Their plans fell through though so my mom wasn't able to get them to them.

I guess I will have to mail them. I have been crazy busy with these projects though so I hadn't had much time to post. I still have projects I am making for a bunny swap I am doing as well. I figured I needed to post though lol. Sorry about being MIA. I have tons of manis to show you so I should be stocked for a bit.

Today I have a polish to show you as well. Revlon launched a new ColorStay Longwear Enamel line. I had tried it on my mom and my toes but hadn't tried it on my nails so I figured while I had the nubs I mind as well try it out.

I used Rain Forest which is a gorgeous green with tons of glittery sparkle. I love the color! It was two coats and I used their top and base coat. They say it will last up to11 days and gives gel like shine.

The formula was easy to work with and I had no issues other than the tip wear was quite obvious on day two. I wasn't really impressed with the tip wear factor but I did keep this mani on for about four days. Then a combination of being over it and major tipwear and chipping led me to take it off. 

I wore it the week before St. Patrick's Day so I would be covered if I didn't do my nails before then. I ended up changing it before St. Patrick's Day but it was a nice green to lead up to the holiday. I really, really love the color. A friend actually came over and loved it so much she asked to borrow it. I may or may not see it again lol.

Sorry about the ratty cuticles and the nubs and super mutant nub on my right hand. I am hoping they grow out quickly! 

That's all for now :) 


  1. You are getting really good at non-afghan crocheting!

  2. These are so cute! You should start an etsy shop or something. The hats are my favorites!

    1. Thank you :) Maybe one day when I get really good I could have something to open a shop with but THANK YOU :) OMG the hats are so cute aren't they? I am not even a Hello Kitty freak and I thought they were the cutest. I am making Frogs for them next lol


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