Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Splashin on Planet Pluto

Hey Everyone!!! I had a fantastic weekend away and have tons of pictures and news for you coming up. The bf got sick yesterday when we were coming home and is in full on cold/fever mode right now so I am going to make this a quick one. Nurse turtle is needed. :) 

I don't have too many Maybelline nail polishes but after pulling these out for Autism Awareness April I might need to get more. 

I used Maybelline Summer Splash which I had gotten on clearance somewhere and Planet Pluto which I have no idea where or when I got this one. I really really loved the application of Summer Splash. 

I used two coats of Summer Splash and it applied very well. Nice and smooth.

I did a slight glitter gradient effect on my ring fingers to give it some sparkle.

It started to rain when I was trying to get some outdoor shots. 

I think Maybelline has jumped back on my radar after a long absence with this polish.

I know it is short but that is all I have for today. I still have some blue manis that I wasn't able to post this April so I will be posting blue for a couple more days. 

I actually loved doing a full month of blue manis. I hope that there was more awareness brought out into the world this month regarding Autism. My goes to school with a boy who is Autistic. There are other children with Autism in his school but I have only met Tyler. He helped out the bf when he was coaching the after school basketball team. Tyler was named their Assistant Coach because he wasn't able to play and is an amazing kid. Like everyone he had his days and his moments but he is such a great kid and it was so much fun to watch him and hang out with him. The kids were so great with him and I was so proud of how they handled him and treated him. It was an honor to be able to participate in blue mani month for Autism Awareness.

Thats all for now :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Plenty of Fish in My Blue Lagoon

Hey Everyone!!

I went to the eye doctor yesterday. My eyes will not be exploding or ripped out. I got some drops and some instructions and a new prescription and I should be improving soon. I hope. I LOVE my eye doctor and actually enjoyed going there. I just wish it wasn't so expensive without insurance. I should be sporting new glasses soon. That whole ordeal kept me from blogging last night though so you can blame the nice doctor :) My eyes didn't enjoy having stuff put in them and air blown at them and flashes of light. They do feel a bit better today though so that is good.

In other news the bf was telling me yesterday about this momma cat and her two kittens that were living in the next door kennel to the one he works at. It is empty right now so they were safe but aren't safe in general on the compound. Unfortunately this morning momma was found in the street. He doesn't know what happened but some jerk probably hit her with a car. The poor babies were alone and crying so he snatched them up before something happened to them. They are in a box at my feet right now sleeping. Our vet is AMAZING and was able to take a look at them for us today. They are healthy but teeny tiny. I will have pictures for you when they are awake and I can take some. We need to find them a home but right now they are so small and need to be bottle fed.  I don't know what it is about the month of April and finding teeny tiny kittens but we have done it again. Funny thing is when we found Bruce we had already had a trip to Disney planned and ended up having to take him with us. These little guys will be joining us on our weekend getaway tonight. We were already bringing Bruce so we have a pet friendly hotel already lined up. It should be an interesting trip now.

Speaking of Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior, I was finally able to catch him and put his birthday hat on him. He didn't approve, didn't like it and didn't want anything to do with it. He gave me the Ninja Warrior Death Stare.

Today I have another blue mani for you. I remember searching high and low to find Revlon Blue Lagoon. I love blue and loved this color. I finally found it but then it was untried until I wore it this week.

I used two coats of Blue Lagoon.

I found this Wet n Wild craze crackle polish at Wal Mart one day. It is called Plenty of Fish in the Sea.  It was all alone and abandoned on a random shelf. I meant to just check the price but forgot it was in the cart and ended up buying it. I also ended up being really annoyed because I wouldn't have bought it if I knew the price before paying. It is a nice color but it is a crackle which I didn't really want to pay full price for.

Blue Lagoon was still a little bit wet I think because this one didn't crack really well. I think it was due to the polish still being a bit wet.

I do like the color but I didn't enjoy the way it cracked. I guess I will have to try it again on polish I KNOW is dry to see if it is the crackle or the polish under.

It is a nice watery color though. I liked the two together.

Plenty of Fish has a nice shimmery look to it.

I don't know what is on my pinky, I think I had an issue with tape that day.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I am probably not going to be able to post any manis this weekend but we will see how it goes.

That's all for now :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bruce is a Birthday Boy! and Morning Star

Hey Everyone! Today is Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior's BIRTHDAY!!! Ok, it is not technically his birthday but it is the day we found him so we are just calling it his birthday. He is ONE year old today!! He also celebrated by staying up all night last night and making sure he kept us up as well! Between making noise, climbing on stuff, jumping on the bed, he was having an early party. I have been chasing him around the house trying to get him to wear the birthday hat I crocheted him but it isn't going well. I will definitely have pictures of that when I get them! 

This was ONE YEAR AGO when we found him running in front of our car in the middle of a busy street.

He is soooo big now! My little terror.

Ok. I have a mani for you today too. 

Sinful Colors Morning Star. 

This is three coats. It applied quite nicely. I am really impressed with the Sinful Colors I have been getting lately. They are on sale at Walgreens this week too. For 99cents you can't go wrong.

This one is a gorgeous spring time color. It is a glass fleck which is awesome. I love how pretty the shimmers and sparkles look. 

Look at the pretty glass fleck effect.

I know this was put out in a collection but since my Walgreens stores don't really believe in putting out the displays I have no idea what display this one came out of.

I like the colors Sinful is putting out lately. This one is a darker cousin to Cinderella. I know I have seen a pink and purple glass fleck that may or may not have been in the same display. I wish my local Walgreens stores would get on the ball.

This is a great spring color and a great blue for Autism Awareness month. 

The quality of these Sinful Colors is making me want to go stock up while they are on sale.

OH I am looking at new cameras too. Hopefully I will get a replacement for my poor dying friend and have the capability of taking better pictures. I am quite indecisive though so picking one is going to be fun.

That's all for now :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Maisie Dating a Royal

Hey Everyone! I am going to attempt to post during the day and do my photo editing at night for awhile and see if it helps out. It is a GORGEOUS day in South Florida today. It is actually pretty odd, it was just unbearably hot and today it is cool and windy and nice enough to have the doors open at work. I know there were winter storm warnings for the Northerners too. I really think the world is going wacky. The guy at CVS this morning was talking about how people think the world is ending because it is cool out. We laughed a little bit about that one.

This morning I hit up the magical Walgreens near my job. I never know what I am going to find there but I have been stalking it harder than normal lately because they carry some Layla polishes and I am dying for them to get the Holographic polishes. They haven't yet but today they did have a few items on clearance and a special find. These are cell phone pictures so they aren't the best quality but I was too excited to not share.

I am pretty cheap. I usually won't buy polishes unless they are on sale and even then I will try and wait for clearance pricing. Well, today I got clearance pricing. I had been too cheap to buy the Wet N Wild Color Icon glitters when they came out but for .74 cents I sure will! I would have bought more but those were the only two colors. I have lemmed Milani Teddy Bare forever now and when I saw this brown and read Teddy Brown I freaked out. THEN I realized that it wasn't Teddy Bare after all. I bought it though because I love brown polishes. I am still lemming Teddy Bare though lol. Yes, the blue one was the shocker of the morning.

I found two of these bottles hanging out with a bin of Sinful Colors minis from Christmas time. Um, I thought at first maybe it was a Wet n Wild but the bottle was too big. It couldn't be? Could it? OMG YES IT IS A GOSH POLISH!!!! It says Special Edition on it and had the flowery print on the cap. Um, WHAT?! I stalk that store fairly frequently and have NEVER seen a Gosh polish there before and I couldn't find another one anywhere. I was floored. I had to buy it because it is blue and it is Gosh. I also need to figure a way into the backroom of that store without getting arrested to see if there are more. INSANITY I TELL YOU!!!

Ok. Today's post is a gorgeous polish I lemmed for a long time before I finally broke down and bought it. I don't remember if I got it on a blog sale or what bu I shouldn't have taken so long to get it. I topped it with a coat of Zoya Maisie since I had it sitting there and love flakies.

This is two coats of OPI Dating a Royal with one coat of Zoya Maisie. As you can see my index finger had broken quite bad. It was painful and ugly. I apologize. I cropped it out of some of the pictures because I do not like it. It has grown back some so that is good.

My poor nails and cuticles took a beating working out in the warehouse for two weeks. This is the sad state of my cuticles and nails after all that work. They are slowly getting better.

Since everything I have done has been rushed lately when I did this mani it didn't quite dry fast enough and I totally trashed my index finger. It was pretty bad. This is why I try not to stray from SV, nothing else quite dries as well.

I really love the Zoya Flakie, I am pretty sure I am going to need the other two to add to my collection.

Dating a Royal is an awesome polish. It applied nicely and is a gorgeous royal blue squishy jelly like polish. I am not sure if it is a true jelly but I love the way it looks squishy.

I need to wear this one again soon.

I loved this mani.

That's all for now :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter Bunnies

Hey Everyone!!! I am super happy to say that I felt good today. Then my eye kicked in. It feels like something is in it and drives me crazy. I even bought a little eye wash kit at Walgreens today just to try and wash it out. It feels a bit better since the wash but it is still irritated. I made an appointment for Thursday so if it isn't better then I will get it checked out. It is insane how crazy it is making me. 

Today I have my Easter mani for you guys. Yup, I am WAY late. Better late than never though. I used Zoya Maisie from the Spring 2012 Fleck Effect Holographic Top Coat collection. My definition of Holographic is no where near Zoya's definition of Holographic but the flakies sure are pretty. I also used Eyeko Pastel Polish in a sky blue color. I can't find a name on it so I just call it the sky blue Eyeko since it is the only one I own.

I did this mani really quickly in the hour I had between going to the kennel and going to my aunt's house for Easter dinner. You will be able to tell because it isn't the best job possible. I also put the decals on in the car so there is that too.

This one is purposely out of focus to show you the flakies sparkle. Ok, it wasn't purposely taken out of focus but it was purposely added to this post because it was out of focus. :)

I used two coats of Eyeko sky blue and one coat of Maisie. The Eyeko polish was rather streaky and uneven but the fact that I was rushing didn't help the situation. I am going to have to do another mani properly to comment on the formula and coverage.

I used the cute bunny decals from LuckyStarStyle for the design. I loved the bunny faces. I wish I had more time to place them more evenly but not bad for doing them in the car. No, I wasn't driving :) I was riding in the backseat.

The one thing I did learn the hard way was that you must ALWAYS put a topcoat over the decals. I had no time to do that since my father doesn't enjoy the smell of nail polish in a closed car. I had forgotten and then a couple of them started slipping and sliding and collecting lint. It wasn't cute. They were easy to slide back into place but I almost lost one.

For some reason the bunnies looked a little angry on this hand. Perhaps they were hungry for some topcoat. I wish I had been feeling better and had more time to do another mani with these decals. They are pretty cute.

Also pretty cute is my lazy little Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior. He likes to lay in the front window in the morning when I am leaving for the day. He watches the world go by and sleeps in the sun. 

That's all for now :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

CrowsToes' Murder by #'s

Hey Everyone! Slowly I am starting to feel better. Thank you ALL for the wonderful well wishes and hugs. I appreciate them all! I have been on and off checking out blogs and monitoring comments and such but just haven't been able to comment lately. I am almost back to 100% and am going to be back to posting regularly starting tomorrow. I can't wait! I have a special review for you today though.

Today I have an awesome polish for you. I was so backed up before starting blue month that this one wasn't able to be posted before April. I have done only blue manis for the month of April and Autism Awareness and Karamo's sister so this one was going to be one of the first manis I did for May. I actually wore this polish when I first received it so I am technically not breaking my blue for April month. :)

The lovely Lauri, aka crowstoes, opened up her shop CrowsToes Nail Color today so I wanted to get this posted today in support. Lauri is an amazing frankener who uses commercially available polishes along with cosmetic grade glitters and pigments to bring us amazing new frankens. She is a sweetheart who does amazing work and makes killer polish. It took me all of 3.2 seconds to decide I couldn't live without this polish when she first posted it. I just ordered two more from her shop as soon as it went live so I will be able to show you those soon too.

Today I have for you Murder by#s.

Her labels are so cute and I LOVE her web store. I like how the page vibrates when you change it. I could actually sit there and do that all day. 

This polish is insanely gorgeous. My pictures don't do it justice at all. It is really awesome. Since I lack a great way of explaining colors I wanted to use Lauri's description. From the CrowsToes site Murder by #'s is described as A beautiful deep murky charcoal that resembles an oil slick. Turn it one way and it looks deep purple, another way and it looks dark green. Just as a woman can be, murder by numbers nail color is both dark and bright all at the same time. At one glance it looks murky and black, deep green hexes, large and small, meander about in the purple and green base, all the while tickled by the bright gossamer of holographic lace that seems almost to float above it's surface.

My nails were so long and pretty when I got this polish lol. I used two coats.

All the sparkle and glitter totally freaked the camera out. It is so insanely sparkly.

This baby sure does change colors on you depending on lighting and angle. 

The formula was great. Such an awesome formula and was a dream to apply.

This one is blurry but I wanted you to see all that glitter and sparkle.

I love this polish oh so much I even made a magnet of it. I pick this up and stare at it way more than I should admit. 

I love the green glitter that you see in this picture. 

You can order this one as well as Lauri's three other colors Absolum, Bunny Slope (those two will be mine soon), and Cheshire (which will be mine at a later date lol) for $12.00 from her shop CrowsToes Nail Color

That's all for now :)