Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This is Epic

Hey Everyone! I am going to make this quick because I have tons to do tonight. Well, tons I want to do tonight anyway. Who knows if it will all get done. I need to take some pictures too before the sun is completely gone. The polish I have for you today I bought on a whim at Sally Beauty Supply yesterday. I actually LOVE it though. I must say in order to get these pictures as accurate as possible I had to photoshop the beejeezees out of them. The color isn't accurate in all of them but I did what I could. It is very much a blue color and not as purple leaning as some of the pictures looked.

Sally girl Epic. This picture is pretty color accurate and didn't need too much photoshop work. I used ONE COAT of this polish. ONE COAT! I almost fell off the couch.

It got a bit of tipwear at work and I was trying to do cleanup while on the phone with a customer so that was interesting.

I did feel like a giant using this tiny little bottle of polish.

It is like a dark cornflower crayon. I love the color. LOVE the creme. It is perfect.

The little brush didn't bother me at all and was especially good for my little mutant nubs. 

I did have to redip the brush for my longer or bigger nails but the brush is really small so that is not surprising.

I have always thought about getting these little polishes but never did. Now I am thinking I will have to give them a try again. I was pleasantly surprised.

Since polish is on sale right now at Sally's buy 2 get one free I picked up two other colors. I will have those for you at some point :)

That's all for now :)


  1. Very pretty color! Those bottles are so very tiny, though--I don't mind minis but these seem like mini minis to me. Not that I don't have a few in my stash, of course.

  2. This reminds me of Orly Snowcone. Don't know if you have that one but they seem pretty close. I was very busy too although I read your posts on my phone but wasn't able to comment.


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