Monday, April 2, 2012

Muppets, Momeraths or Fuzzy Alien Creatures?

Hey Everyone! I have been running around like a crazy person since Thursday. I am backed up on a lot of things I wanted to show you so today you are going to get two posts. This one was supposed to be up Friday but I had a lot of running around to do before my son's band evaluations and then spent the afternoon/night at the evaluations. 

Thursday we went to the taping of American Ninja Warrior try outs. It was definitely an experience though not one I would repeat anytime soon.

Since they were filming for television the first 45-60 minutes we were there consisted of being prompted to cheer like mad people and either OOOOHHHH or AAAAHHHHH and collectively gasp like the person fell off or something. 

They jam packed us in these little sets of bleachers and there were also people jam packed in the grassy areas between the bleachers so it looked like there were lots of spectators. I had a bunch of obnoxious loud college students in my ear the entire time and a girl who thought it was cute to be the world's biggest moron. You could tell she was playing up her ditzyness for attention. 

It was cool when the competitor finally started going through the course after standing there for 15-20 minutes. He made it through piece of cake but then we had to wait another 15-20 minutes for the next one to go through. 

They told us that the competition would probably be going on until at least 6:30am which seemed crazy until we saw the pace at which they were going.

We were there for about 2 hours (maybe a little bit more) and only 4 competitors went through the course. One of those guys didn't even make it past the first obstacle. It was kinda cool to be there but MUCH BETTER to watch on tv.

When I first discovered nail polish blogs one of the first ones I followed obsessively was ThePolishAholic. I love her blog and still read it and follow it. It is one of the first blogs I check for new collections and swatches. Awhile back Jen posted a mani called Fuzzy Nail Sweaters where she used some flocking powder to make fuzzy nails. I LOVED that idea and decided to take it a little bit further.

First I started off with a rainbow of colors. 

My rarely seen thumbs get to make an appearance tonight too.

This was before my middle nail broke as well.

Excuse the lack of cleanup. I was in too big a hurry to create my muppets, momeraths, fuzzy alien creatures. I can't decide which ones they are. I was calling them muppets before I did the mani but then when I saw them I didn't think they looked too much like muppets. They remind me of the momeraths from Disney's Alice in Wonderland cartoon movie. 

Aren't they cute? My mutant nubs weren't big enough for two eyes so I made them with just one eye.

After polishing them each color I used clear to get the flocking powder to stick. When it was dry I applied the googlie eyes. The mani was a little messy but not too awful.

It took me a couple tries to get it down so a couple of the nails have some bald spots like Mr. Purple pictured above.

They were soft and fuzzy like those holiday cards with the flocking or the baby books that have fuzzy flocking on them. My son kept petting them.

They held up really well even after washing my hands a bunch of times. The yellow one got dirty because it was so light. The white one didn't get the same fate because I was having an issue getting the googlie eyes to stick so I used super glue. That didn't work at first either. It was trial and error at first.

The white fuzz was covered in clear and super glue but if it wasn't it would have gotten dirty pretty quick too.

I was so in love with this mani. I thought it was the cutest thing. 

I love this picture. This is what happens when you put clear polish over the fuzz. NOT PRETTY. I think this one looks like it was in a fire and burned or maybe it is molting. I liked it but it didn't look right lol.

This is the set of flocking powder I got at Michaels. It was on clearance so I got the multi pack so I would have more color options then getting a huge jar of one color.

Hope you enjoyed the muppets, momeraths, fuzzy alien creatures as much as I did. I was staring at them all day and talking to them and petting them. Yes, I know, weirdo! 

That's all for now :)


  1. Still love them! :D Particularly the cyclops.

    1. Lol thanks! I think the blue cyclops was my favorite one but I think it might also have to do with the color lol.

  2. I love these! When I first saw it on Jen's blog I kept thinking how fun it would be to wear these. It would totally freak everybody out! Sadly there is no craft shop here to carry flocking powder. Oh and the googly eyes make it even cuter. Cuteness overload!

  3. :)
    You don't have a craft shop?! I think I might go crazy if I couldn't feed my need for crafting. You would totally freak people out with furry nails. I might be able to send some flocking powder your way.


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