Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Are You a Power Thief?

Hey Everyone!!! I am tired! Today we went to the honor roll assembly for my son. This is the second time he has ever made the honor roll so we make it a really big deal. His grades are looking good so he might even get it next quarter too which would be a first. He is doing so much better this year with homework and attitude and his work ethic so I am really proud of him. Little bugger. He just turned 13 so we will see how long he stays cooperative lol.

Today I have one of the Cult Nails Super Power polishes for you. I bought the collection and I have been really excited about each color. I grabbed this one first. I think I was craving chocolate milk lol.

Cult Nails Power Thief. It reminds me of chocolate milk or even my chai tea that I LOVE. It is a really nice light brown color with tons of shimmer. Cult Nails describes it as having silver/pink and blue shimmer but I swear there is green in there. It could be the blue but it is gorgeous whatever shade it happens to be.

I used two coats for this mani. This first picture is without cleanup because I hadn't gotten that far yet and I was playing with the camera. Unfortunately I did this right before we left the house and I totally trashed my other hand when I put my seat belt on. I was not a happy camper.

This polish was great and I had no application problems. I have one observation about this polish that was odd to me. For some reason I like it a tad bit better when it is wet. I am thinking it might have to do with my crappy bottle of SV but it is so shiny and the color pops when it is wet. When it dries it is a little less shiny and popping lol It is still gorgeous and nothing that a great top coat can't fix I just have never liked a polish better when it was wet. So strange.

The shimmer is great in this polish and the color is very fall. Unfortunately even looking at these pictures now I want some chocolate milk lol. Too bad it is way too late to have some tonight.

Pretty pretty color. As always I am impressed with the Cult Nails polishes and I look forward to showing you the rest of them.

Today I also have some crafting pictures for you. I crocheted another hat and scarf! This set is for a friend's birthday. I hope she likes it. I have to get it mailed out tomorrow.

I used super thick crazy heavy yarn for that flower and oh my gosh is it large. It is cute though.

This scarf is crazy long. This is folded in half and wrapped so it doesn't look as long but it is around 90-98 inches. 

That's all for now :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Running with Wolves

Hey Everyone!! I forgot to post this last night. Sorry about that. I remembered when I was already in bed and since I barely slept the night before I didn't want to get up. We are getting some cooler weather tonight which is awesome. I love it. It actually feels like holiday weather! I am trying to think of a nice mani for cool weather but haven't come up with anything yet. 

This is my first SpaRitual polish. I got it with my Aveyou coupon thingy and if this one is any indication I am going to really like this brand. I loved this polish.

Running with Wolves is from the Fall 2011 Wilde Collection. It is a very glowy copper. This baby seems to glow and it is gorgeous. I have only ever seen this brand online but I have heard certain spas carry the line. I got a couple others with that order and I will be trying those out soon.

I used two coats. I also used my thick SV which caused shrinkage. I didn't do much cleanup on this mani and I apologize for that because I know it doesn't look the best in Macro. My cuticles were pretty bad so I avoided the acetone as much as possible.

Look at how it glows!

This is one of my favorites I think. I really like copper and I really like this one. I should have put my Kleancolor copper glitter on top. I bet that would have looked great.

Eww look at the red cuticles. The application was great. Overall I enjoyed this polish. A lot of the colors I saw on the site were not all that different or unique especially at $10 a bottle. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this brand though. 

That's all for now :) 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Catwalk Queen

Hey Everyone!! I have spent the entire day working on my son's Science Fair Project. He had almost everything done but had to do the board. That OF COURSE took all day to do. The joys of children. My shoulder is bugging me now which I think might be from my neck but I am not sure. I sure do need a massage. Too bad I have a bf who doesn't believe in the art of massage. My neck and shoulders have a ton of knots in them. 

The project doesn't look too bad and we had a helper all day. 

Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior had to check it out to make sure everything was correct before the final gluing. 

He was very helpful today. He was knocking markers and pencils off the table. Going after scissors and hands that were writing. He managed to lose the top to the glue stick. Oh yes, he also decided to help get rid of the errors by trying to bite some of the papers. He was such a good help.

Here is the final project before the papers were all glued on. Not a bad job though it would have been nice if it was done a little quicker. 

I have a mani for you today too. It isn't today but that is ok. It is Finger Paints Catwalk Queen from the Fall Fashionista collection. It separated a little bit which I notice happens a lot with my Finger Paint polishes.

It was almost a one coater but I ended up using two to even out some spots. Please excuse my pinky. My SV was apparently tainted from another polish and spit all that junk on it. I made the mistake of trying to wipe off the brush and accidentally pulled the bristle part out of the stem. Oops. I shoved it back in BUT it is crazy now and not friendly to work with. I guess that bottle won't be usable for frankening. DUH for me.

Between my base coat which is almost empty and my SV which is also low and thick I have been having quite the chipping problem lately. I really like this color and the polish is very easy to work with. It is kind of a dirty mustard like color. I LIKE IT! I don't however care for mustard much.

That's all for now :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cognac Sparkle

Hey Everyone!!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Ours was good and I only managed to set one thing on fire. Literally. On. Fire! I made sweet potato casserole and put the oven to broil. Welllll, the marshmallow caught on fire. There was smoke, there was flame and there was a loud screeching fire alarm. It was quite entertaining to those that weren't directly involved. I opened the over to see the flame then closed it back up. Probably not the best idea but I was looking for a towel or pot holder or fire extinguisher or something lol. It was like a marshmallow that was stuck in the campfire so it was put out quite quickly. I peeled off the charred top layer of marshmallow and put some new ones on and popped it back in the oven and we were good to go. Thank goodness. This is the first year we have actually caught anything on fire so it was interesting. 

Today I have a great polish for you from N.Y.C. Nail Glossies called Cognac Sparkle. It was a birthday present and is a perfect fall color. I refuse to start wearing winter/Christmas manis until December 1st. I am looking at Christmas trees more seriously now. 

It is a really pretty deep burgundy, plum, wine like color with sparkly gold. Very pretty color. 

I am not going to show you my right hand much since after this picture my cuticles started to freak out even more than they already were. I am sure scrubbing the bathroom didn't help them.

I have been getting major shrinkage lately as well. I believe I have been wrapping my tips and all so I am not real sure about that. I do know my SV is old and usually when it gets old it starts acting up on me. I am assuming that is the issue.

I used two coats. This polish is really pretty and very shimmery.

My middle finger nail also broke a little since this picture. It would be nice if they would stop doing that lol.

Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior was wandering about when I was taking the pictures. When I took this one the camera actually focused on him instead of my hand lol.

And here is a great shot of him squished between the top of the fridge and the cabinets. He went back there so I couldn't reach him. He is smarter than the average bear.

That's all for now :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hey Everyone!!!

I found my camera. Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior actually didn't steal it so that was a bonus. It was dead when I found it of course. I wanted to stop in real quick and wish everyone a HAPPY and Safe THANKSGIVNG!!! I hope you all enjoy your day!! Those of you that don't celebrate Thanksgiving today I hope you all have a HAPPY and Safe THURSDAY!!!! 

Today is also my son's birthday. He is 13 and I feel very old now. sniff sniff. He is at his dad's today and won't be home until 10 so I won't see him much today sadly. 

I will try and post for you later to make up for my lack of posting in the past few days. I want to Thank all of you for following and viewing my blog. You guys are awesome and I am very Thankful for you all.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Hey Everyone!!!

So Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior likes to steal things. I have one of those reusable grocery bags that I tote to work everyday with a bunch of junk in it. It was sitting there minding it's own business when Bruce grabbed my big ziplock baggie that contains my bubble wrap out of the bag and runs off with it. I guess he also has some packages he needs to mail. I thought it was funny and cute. He also kept stealing this bag that we got at the Pet Expo. Come to find out he was trying to rip that thing open to get at the dog food samples inside. He managed to tear some holes into the bag which we had to throw away because he put quite a few in it. He also managed to get the dog food samples and chew into the dog food so he could munch on it. I guess he was hungry?

These cute little stories lead me to my dilemma. My camera is missing. I went to grab it today so I could take pictures of Warm and Fozzie and it is not where I thought it was. It also wasn't on the table where I saw it last. He has been known to throw things off the table and drag them places. Things like my ipod shuffle. I think he is now training on how to move electronics. Not sure. He is definitely working on his super stealth abilities.

SO I do not have any pictures and manis for you yet. I have to search for the camera when I get home from work. I have to laugh at him though because he does some of the craziest things. He ran out the front door again last night. My mom hauled butt after him. He doesn't try and run through the front gate and after a minute he hauls butt back into the house so I am not really sure what his deal is. I guess he just wants to see what is going on? He gets pissy when the girls are out front too long. He stands at the door and meows until someone lets them in. He does not approve of his dogs being out front.

Oh, I have Warm and Fozzie on today. I am not sure about this one. I like the color and all but I had to do the mani twice. The first time I did it real quick right before I left the house and not even SV could keep it from getting dinged and ruined. I redid it and the stupid thing just didn't want to dry. It was still denting a good couple of hours AFTER using SV. I don't know what the deal is with it but it is not cooperative. I will have that mani for you in all it's dinged glory when I find the camera. lol Oh yeah, I also had two nails break. My thumb is pretty short and nub like but it is ok because I don't show them :) My middle finger though is short. It isn't too bad but I REFUSE to file the others down. NOT GONNA HAPPEN unless more break lol They are finally longer and I like it. Oh yeah, I also stabbed my index finger with the tip of a jewelry glue tube when I was trying to stick the little needle thing in there to open the hole. I didn't realize the cement was dried up and there was no way in hell that needle was strong enough to go through there. When it slipped the actual tube nozzle thingy stabbed me. It is amazing how much your finger tip can bleed.

It's been a little chaotic here :)

That's all for now :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Boho Mojo

Hey Everyone!! It has been a hectic couple of days AND the computer was occupied all night. I tell ya. Tonight I have another Color Club from the Back to Boho collection.

Boho Mojo. This baby is FROSTY! That makes me want to drive over to Wendy's now that I think about it. I could go for a nice Frosty right about now. Anyway, I love the color of this polish. It is a pewter like dingy silvery color. I used two coats.

I love the shine in these pictures. I do not love the streaks.

Brush strokes were insane and it I didn't like the finish. I very rarely don't like a polish. This one I am somewhat torn on because I do love the color.

I want this color, this glowy shine but no streaks and no frost. Can that be done? 

This chipped really quickly too. Actually it might be a combination of base, top and polish but all these Color Clubs from this collection chipped really quickly. I had massive tip wear and I had it fast. I also had bubbles but I realized my SV was really thick and that is probably why.

Pretty color, not my favorite polish. I will have the last one for you at some point. I did a mani with Blue-topia but I had sheet marks, tip wear and chips galore. I ended up taking it off and it stained a bit on top of the rest of the issues. I didn't want to put it back on so I could take pictures so I didn't. I owe you Blue-topia. Perhaps I can fit it in this weekend.

That's all for now :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rebel Spirit, a Comp and a Cat

Hey Everyone! I have a big post for you today to make up for the lack of posting. My darling son finished his project last night at 1 am. I don't know what he ended up getting. The teacher said his speech was a little weak but he thinks he did fairly well. I guess we will see. 

Ok, lets get to the nails. First I have another Color Club polish from the Back to Boho collection. 

Rebel Spirit. This one is a dark brown that looks black a lot of the time. I liked this one but it did tend to look black more often than I would have liked. I used two coats on this one.

You guys, excuse the lack of clean up please. I know, I keep saying I was going to get a new clean up brush and I did. THEN I dropped it in my huge bottle of acetone. I had used it on TWO NAILS and plop down it sunk. I was NOT happy about it at all. I couldn't get it out either. There was a lot of head shaking and there may or may not have been some cursing.

SO once again we have a pretty bad clean up job. 

See it looks black. I tried stamping with Nouveau Vintage over it because we went to the Pet Expo Sunday. That was a major fail! 

You couldn't really tell what the stamping was (they were paw prints) and you could barely see it. The Pet Expo was pretty cool too. We got Bruce a little tag that has his name and phone number on it in case he ever gets out. He keeps running out the front door when we are coming in. He doesn't leave the courtyard area but we are afraid one day he will. I want to get a harness for him since the leash we tried before didn't work. They also had these small possums for adoption. They were a very small species of possum that are rare. They were really cute but, um, they are possums.

Denise mentioned the other day that Color Club Nouveau Vintage looked similar to OPI Warm and Fozzie. I wanted to do a quick comp for you guys. I threw NYC Nail Glossies Cognac Sparkle in there because in the bottle it looked somewhat similar. Once again, my clean up brush was sunken to the bottom of my acetone bottle so clean up wasn't good at all. These pictures REALLY show how bad it was lol Gotta love macro.

Warm and Fozzie is on my pinkie and middle finger and Nouveau Vintage are on my index and ring. They look similar in the bottle but different on the nail.

As you can see Cognac Sparkle is way different. 

And since we went so long with out posting I have some Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior pictures for you. I got him this little sweater at Target in the dollar area. It was actually $2.50 but it was cheap enough that I figured I would give it a try. I had gotten this really cute blue hoodie but it was an xs and WAY too small for him. I have pictures that I will show you tomorrow of that one. We went back and this was the only one we could find in size small and the saying on it was PERFECT. 

He didn't really mind having it on at all. He was actually quite feisty with it on and started playing with Newey. Her fur is growing back now from her shaving. 

It says Naughty but Nice! HA! Too funny and too perfect.

I hadn't taken the tag off yet but I wanted to make sure it fit. He looked soo cute!

He eventually got it off though. It is a little big on him so it slipped off later but I am guessing he will grow into it.

That's all for now :)

Monday, November 14, 2011


Hey Everyone!!! I had a couple of posts that I wanted to do for you all between last night and tonight but my son had other ideas. Last night it was some science activity he HAD to do before this morning online which bumped me off line. Tonight it is a project DUE TOMORROW that he has yet to start. I am going to smack him with a shoe!!!  I am off to make a bat symbol for his political party project. His party is the bat party. I have no idea. I don't like politics as it is and now I have to help him create a whole party. OMG and I just noticed the date. Science Fair project is due in a week too. I need a drink. lol

That's all for now :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nouveau Vintage

Hey Everyone!! The germs and I decided we MUST post for you today. I am waiting for dinner which is taking FOREVER. 

Normally I HATE showing you crappy pictures of nails that aren't really cleaned up and such. Today though I am purposely showing you my non cleaned up mani though. I had to go from work to my son's book fair at school. My dumb butt took off Artsy Crafty today at work but didn't put anything else on. I intended to but never did. I could NOT go to the book fair with crypt keeper nails so I HAD to put something on to hide the awful yellow tinge. 

I did this mani in the car. It is not awesome but considering I did it in the car I am ok with that. I LOVE the color though.

Color Club Nouveau Vintage from the Boho Collection. THIS is the one I mostly wanted from the set and it did not disappoint. It is gorgeous. 

Some nails were three coats because I messed up a bit. The color is awesome and shiny and just wow.

My right hand had a lot of issues. I dinged it on a couple of things both before and during the book fair. Oops. At least it is better than crypt keeper yellow.

This color screams Fall to me.

Now a quick picture of my crochet project. I was inspired and decided I wanted to make a hat. Don't ask. I don't know much about crochet and you can tell lol 

I had done all this and brought it to work this morning and the lady at work was like NO it is WRONG. I had to redo it. It also wasn't a circle really, you can see one side is more pointy. oops. lol

That was my sort of circle after unraveling it to start over. It hurt. I did so much. Oh well. My son says to me WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT? YOU AREN'T OLD! I want a hat, duh! I worked on it today and I am not sure yet but so far it is a circle and hopefully turning into a hat soon. lol

That's all for now :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who Wants a Cold?

Hey Everyone!  I don't want it either :*(  Sadly I have it though. Thank you darling son for always stealing my drinks and giving me your nasty germs. He now, on top of the cold, has apparently hurt his back from coughing too much. Ahh the joys of being sick. 

I am going to skip out on a post tonight because I am still wearing Artsy Crafty in its insane Grand Canyon glory. My throat hurts and my head is stuffy. The joys. I am going back to my cozy spot on the couch and I will continue my crocheting for now. I will have a nice mani for you tomorrow! 

That's all for now :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Artsy Crafty and Random Stuff

Hey Everyone!! It has been a pretty frustrating day. My glasses that I use for computer work got caught in the door and I have lost the screw. I have a paperclip that is sitting very close to my eye right now because that is the only thing I could think of to hold them together. *shakes head* There is much more on the list of frustration but one of the toppers is I got someone something for their birthday. I went back and forth about telling them or at least giving them a heads up about it and next thing I notice they already got one of the items. DOH! *shakes head again* I have the best luck!

Sometimes I forget Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior is in fact a ninja. He practices his ninja skills all the time but he still looks like an ordinary cat. Yesterday he not only tore the curtain rod down AGAIN but he also managed to knock his house off the hamper so it landed door down. Now he could not have done this from inside the house but I have yet to figure out how the heck he managed it from outside of the house. Then last night he was sitting on the stairs as I was walking by headed toward the bathroom. He likes to grab you when you walk by. I said Bruce kisses and stuck my face toward him. He so sweetly started moving his face toward mine to give me kisses when slowly his mouth opened about as wide as he can open it and his slow movement in to give me a kiss became a slow movement in to bite my nose. Sort of like this!

I jerked back before he got me. I said BRUCE THAT IS NOT NICE!!! Then my stupid ass said Bruce KISSES!!! Once again the little head slowly came toward me. I was not sure if I wanted it to actually and realized I was probably being a complete moron for trying this twice. Then as soon as he got close enough to give me a kiss he licked me which made me laugh and then he licked my tooth. Not quite what I had in mind.

Today I have for you another polish from the Color Club Boho collection. I am going to tell you this now. These pictures. NOT suitable for human viewing. *more head shaking* I am going to tell you what happened. I am no expert at nail care and polish application. We all know this. WELL I have tried cleanup on my manis and sometimes it works well and sometimes it looks like a two year old did it. Today, is bad. I used this really awesome P2 Nail Color Correcting Pen that I absolutely love. The problem is that the tip needs to be changed because it is pretty ragged. The other problem is I really don't want to change it because I only have one tip left. This means I was cleaning up with this monstrosity. Muy malo!

So the Grand Canyon size gap between the polish and my cuticles are awful. It reminds me of the lazy plastic chicks that I always see waving around acrylic nails that have grown out to the point of having their own zip code. They are really disturbing to see because there is so much new growth that not only are the nails incredibly long but there is this crazy ridge and it just looks awful. That, my friends, is what my nails look like today. Macro makes it look even worse. I almost stopped for a new cleanup brush and some remover to keep at work this morning. I can't find my brush again so I figured I could get one and use the remover that is intended to live at work. I decided against stopping and so we have this. I should have stopped. I got myself a new brush tonight. This needs not ever happen again. I apologize in advance.

This is Artsy Crafty. LOVE this color. It is really pretty. I used two coats. It is quite shiny and pretty.  I really don't want to show you the rest of the pictures. They are THAT bad. :(

Ok here ya go. Artsy Crafty is a really pretty dark green. 

I applied two coats. The first one was quite patchy and sheer but the second evened it all out nicely. The patches you see on a couple of the tips is due to Seche Vite. I dragged it too hard and made it bald. 

This one almost acted like a jelly for me. I had the same crazy pooling at the cuticles (part of the cleanup issue) that I have with jellies. Jellies and I don't get along well sadly. I have been thinking about Revlon Royal again but I swatched the beast because no matter what I did I could not get it to apply well.

Anyway. This one is really dark in low lighting and has a slight tendency to look almost black. I still love it though.

I had some bubbles with this one too. I have no idea what is up with the bubbles as of late. This polish is really shiny too but they were rather banged up by this point. 

Since I tortured you all with crappy nail pictures I have some fun ones for you. Here is the Captain Jack Sparrow key chain my parents brought home for the bf from Lego Land. Yes, they went to Lego Land without us. It is sad.

Bruce acting like a crazy cat. He was trying to get me, the bf was holding him, he looks crazy.

The Spongebob  key chain they got my son. Also from Lego Land.

Walgreens has it too. My nails are strong and have grown a ton so I am going to give this stuff a thumbs up. It has formaldehyde though and it burns if you get it on your skin, especially ratty cuticles like mine. The Jordana base coat in the middle goes on top of the stuff on the left. I like it. The Revlon Top Coat I enjoy too though it is no where near as quick drying as Seche Vite. I still use SV, especially like tonight when I am going to have very little time to wait for drying. 

That's all for now :)