Sunday, November 27, 2011

Catwalk Queen

Hey Everyone!! I have spent the entire day working on my son's Science Fair Project. He had almost everything done but had to do the board. That OF COURSE took all day to do. The joys of children. My shoulder is bugging me now which I think might be from my neck but I am not sure. I sure do need a massage. Too bad I have a bf who doesn't believe in the art of massage. My neck and shoulders have a ton of knots in them. 

The project doesn't look too bad and we had a helper all day. 

Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior had to check it out to make sure everything was correct before the final gluing. 

He was very helpful today. He was knocking markers and pencils off the table. Going after scissors and hands that were writing. He managed to lose the top to the glue stick. Oh yes, he also decided to help get rid of the errors by trying to bite some of the papers. He was such a good help.

Here is the final project before the papers were all glued on. Not a bad job though it would have been nice if it was done a little quicker. 

I have a mani for you today too. It isn't today but that is ok. It is Finger Paints Catwalk Queen from the Fall Fashionista collection. It separated a little bit which I notice happens a lot with my Finger Paint polishes.

It was almost a one coater but I ended up using two to even out some spots. Please excuse my pinky. My SV was apparently tainted from another polish and spit all that junk on it. I made the mistake of trying to wipe off the brush and accidentally pulled the bristle part out of the stem. Oops. I shoved it back in BUT it is crazy now and not friendly to work with. I guess that bottle won't be usable for frankening. DUH for me.

Between my base coat which is almost empty and my SV which is also low and thick I have been having quite the chipping problem lately. I really like this color and the polish is very easy to work with. It is kind of a dirty mustard like color. I LIKE IT! I don't however care for mustard much.

That's all for now :)


  1. Bruce could get a job in any factory in quality control. So cute. :D

    My Finger Paints polishes separate all the time, too. They are as bad as my Orly Sweet polishes. Bleargh! lol

  2. lol yes I am sure he could lol I am thinking I might send him out to get a job soon! he is so funny.

    FP separates a lot! I don't have any of those Orly polishes yet despite having my eye on them for a while. I hate when they separate though, it bugs me deeply lol

  3. I started knitting some socks over the weekend--I bet Bruce would have been a big help with that project, too, if he'd been around. :)

  4. I love that cat so much! How do people without cats ever get anything done?

  5. @Karen he would LOVE to assist you with those socks. He attacked my yarn last night and I was just carrying it from one room to another.

    @Denise I have no idea how they manage without all the extra help. He was trying to help me avoid the extra calories of a cookie last night. I left it to make my chai tea and turned around and he was about to take a bite.

  6. People say cats don't like sweets--people who have not met very many cats.

  7. That is true. Bruce likes sweets and cheese but not potato chips. He always tries to steal them though.

  8. Kuchi ate the raspberries and streusel off my coffee cake.

  9. lol well cmon, they are raspberries and streusel, who wouldn't? Ok, well actually I would have eaten the coffee cake and left the raspberries and streusel for you lol :)


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