Thursday, November 17, 2011

Boho Mojo

Hey Everyone!! It has been a hectic couple of days AND the computer was occupied all night. I tell ya. Tonight I have another Color Club from the Back to Boho collection.

Boho Mojo. This baby is FROSTY! That makes me want to drive over to Wendy's now that I think about it. I could go for a nice Frosty right about now. Anyway, I love the color of this polish. It is a pewter like dingy silvery color. I used two coats.

I love the shine in these pictures. I do not love the streaks.

Brush strokes were insane and it I didn't like the finish. I very rarely don't like a polish. This one I am somewhat torn on because I do love the color.

I want this color, this glowy shine but no streaks and no frost. Can that be done? 

This chipped really quickly too. Actually it might be a combination of base, top and polish but all these Color Clubs from this collection chipped really quickly. I had massive tip wear and I had it fast. I also had bubbles but I realized my SV was really thick and that is probably why.

Pretty color, not my favorite polish. I will have the last one for you at some point. I did a mani with Blue-topia but I had sheet marks, tip wear and chips galore. I ended up taking it off and it stained a bit on top of the rest of the issues. I didn't want to put it back on so I could take pictures so I didn't. I owe you Blue-topia. Perhaps I can fit it in this weekend.

That's all for now :)


  1. Maybe SOPI Queen of Everything?

  2. I've yet to come across a foil-y finish like this that doesn't have some brushstroke issues. Some do settle out better than others, of course.

  3. I will check out that SOPI next time I am near there.

    Yes I wish that foils were not so brushstrokey. This one was pretty bad for me and usually that stuff doesn't bother me too much. I was thinking if only I could just dip my finger into it and when I pull it out all the extra polish could run off and it would look great. can you imagine the cleanup on that though lol


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