Monday, November 7, 2011

VooDoo You Do, Do You?

Hey Everyone!!!

 Did I ever tell you about the leash incident? The bf and I were at the pet store with my son. I troll the clearance aisle of every store I go into and I happened to be in the clearance area when I noticed they had a cat leash. On clearance. FOR A DOLLAR! I should have killed the little hamster that got my wheel turning because I thought it would be a GREAT idea for Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior. Um. No.

I got this stupid "harness" leash thing home and decide to try and get Bruce to wear it. My brother immediately piped in with a you tube video about a horrified and hostile cat that had been leashed. I should have taken THAT as a warning but no, the hamster kept running. We managed to get the stupid thing on Bruce. It is not a nice harness it was a little string that you just wrap around the poor cat in some half ass explained manner and pretty much hope for the best. Bruce did NOT enjoy this. Bruce was VERY adamant about getting away from it and jumped about waist high and did a flip and then somehow in his Cirque du Soleil acrobatics ended up banging his head on the tile floor. It was hard. I was worried he had a concussion. Then he tried to run away but the leash was caught on something. It was bad. It was harder to get the thing off of him than it was getting it on him and THAT was hard. I killed the hamster after this incident. Bruce is NOT a leash walker and never will be.

I learned my lesson from this. The very cute Halloween costume for small dogs that I found at Target for 70% off yesterday, the one I thought would look ADORABLE on him, yeah it stayed at Target! Sadly I will not have cute pictures of Bruce on a leash or in a costume for you.

Now on to the mani. I went to Ross yesterday and found the Color Club Back to Boho set and of course had to pick it up.

I was looking for the other collections but I am happy I found this one!

Today I have VooDoo You Do to show you. 

I used two coats for this baby. The first coat was really streaky and unsuitable for human viewing but the second covered all that up.

It is a bit brush strokey but not too awful in person. I like the color a lot though. It is a greenish tinted gunmetal gray type color. That is pretty much why I avoid describing colors lol.

I imagine this would look killer if it was stamped with a nice foil! Too bad I didn't find those foils this weekend too lol. 

For some reason I had some tiny bubbles with this polish. I never get bubbles so I am not real sure where they came from. 

I used the top coat that came in the set. As you can see I already have some tip wear. I blame the top coat. It is not my friend. I should probably give it another chance but realistically I probably wont. It will go live in the box with my other random top coats and clears. One day maybe I will use it to franken or send it to a nice home where it will be loved.

My cuticles still look like crap. My nails are growing though so that is cool. I know you aren't supposed to cut your cuticles but should I nip away those little hangers? They annoy me, especially when they get caught on things.

That's all for now :) 


  1. This is my fave of the Back To Boho polishes. It looks smashing on you. :)

    Yes, definitely clip away hangnails (the little stick-y out-y bits on the sides of your nails. Those things are as annoying as they are ugly. I get tons of them. :P

    I just keep my cuticles pushed back really well, oil them every time I do my nails, use lots of lotion and Burt's Bees Cuticle Butter when I think about it. :D

  2. LOL. cats do not like to wear things. my freak if you even put a blanket on them. fickle lil things!

  3. I'm laughing so hard right now, not about Bruce, of course (poor little frightened kitty) but about the cute Halloween costume for small!! dogs. I thought about the black bear you have at home. I know you call it a dog but you are mislead, it's a bear (just learned to bark;) I thought of her wearing the costume on one of her front legs:D But then I recognized that you wanted it for Bruce;)


  4. @IceQueen: thank you :) ahh yes I am going to get a nipper thing then.They are driving me NUTS and getting worse when the papers that I am mailing get caught on them. I am using cream like mad and pushing them back but nothing is working :/ I am using Lemony Flutter, my Burts was forgotten in the car and melted so bad it wouldn't open again oops

    @Cathryn: lol they are aren't they?! I am annoyed that they put these cute cats in costumes in the pet store photos and online yet they don't tell you they had to get stitches from puttin those little costumes on the cats lol

    @Silke oh my. Yes, Newey the bear. I looked at the XL dog costumes for her. They wouldn't make it past her legs. It would be a disaster. If I am going to dress her up I am going to have to get her a child size costume lol. My big bear. You know the neighborhood kids actually think she is a bear. it is great!

  5. I always did wonder how people got leashes on cats.

  6. Well, it can be done, there will be blodd shed and struggle but it definitely can be done. I don't advise it however.

  7. Ninjas cannot be harnessed! There is a cat in my neighborhood who does go out on a leash and doesn't look too perturbed about it, but I can't say he looks especially happy, either.

  8. Karen you are exactly correct. Ninjas cannot be harnessed, I totally did not even think of this.
    I have never seen a cat on a leash. I am going to assume that though they may be walking on it they are really plotting revenge.


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