Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hey Everyone!!!

I found my camera. Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior actually didn't steal it so that was a bonus. It was dead when I found it of course. I wanted to stop in real quick and wish everyone a HAPPY and Safe THANKSGIVNG!!! I hope you all enjoy your day!! Those of you that don't celebrate Thanksgiving today I hope you all have a HAPPY and Safe THURSDAY!!!! 

Today is also my son's birthday. He is 13 and I feel very old now. sniff sniff. He is at his dad's today and won't be home until 10 so I won't see him much today sadly. 

I will try and post for you later to make up for my lack of posting in the past few days. I want to Thank all of you for following and viewing my blog. You guys are awesome and I am very Thankful for you all.

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