Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hey Everyone!! Another late night! We had to run out and get the supplies for my son's science fair project. I HATE science fair projects. He told us it was due in late December originally and now he realized it was due in late November. That thud you heard was me hitting the roof. We have less than a month. Not cool.

Today I have a nice fall mani for you all. I did a tape mani for this one.

I used ONE coat of Finger Paints Cordur-Orange from their Fall Fashionista collection. It was ONE coat. ONE! I love it. Burnt orange fall goodness.

I used my awesome Pumpkin Lionel. That is the silver hex in the brownish clear base polish for those of you who don't remember Lionel. I LOVE that polish and it looks great over Cordur-Orange.

I really like this mani. A lot. It looks very Fall to me.

All the pictures above were taken inside the kitchen since it is so late and they had flash.

These last few were taken without flash. I don't want to take this mani off.

Oh and this nasty picture is where I say my cuticles are torn to hell so please excuse them and my lack of cleanup. I need to do some heavy moisturizing. I always slack on that on the weekends but they are just beyond bad.

For some reason I couldn't take this picture without it being a little blurry.

Last but not least some Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior photos for you. This one I thought was awesome because of the ripples.

He is such a cutie. He is being nice tonight too which is always good. Some nights he is a lunatic. Tonight he is calm and nice.

I also like his tongue in this one lol. He has just finished a piece of dog food he had stolen from the dog's bowl. He steals their food all the time but it is ok because they steal his. 

That's all for now :)


  1. *cuddles Bruce *
    That is a wonderful manicure! Lionel looks just perfect there!

  2. Awww *Bruce cuddles back* be careful though when he decides he is done he is leaving even if it means digging claws in your shoulder to get away.

    He was just sitting on the railing of the stairs staring at a mosquito that was sitting where the ceiling and wall meet looking like he was gonna jump. My mom thought he was going for the light but he was watching that thing like a hawk.

    Thank you! I like Lionel a lot

  3. Great combination, and very neatly done!

    Love the Bruce tongue pic--had to click on that to see it bigger. :)

  4. Thanks Karen :) The tongue pic is one of my favorites.


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