Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nouveau Vintage

Hey Everyone!! The germs and I decided we MUST post for you today. I am waiting for dinner which is taking FOREVER. 

Normally I HATE showing you crappy pictures of nails that aren't really cleaned up and such. Today though I am purposely showing you my non cleaned up mani though. I had to go from work to my son's book fair at school. My dumb butt took off Artsy Crafty today at work but didn't put anything else on. I intended to but never did. I could NOT go to the book fair with crypt keeper nails so I HAD to put something on to hide the awful yellow tinge. 

I did this mani in the car. It is not awesome but considering I did it in the car I am ok with that. I LOVE the color though.

Color Club Nouveau Vintage from the Boho Collection. THIS is the one I mostly wanted from the set and it did not disappoint. It is gorgeous. 

Some nails were three coats because I messed up a bit. The color is awesome and shiny and just wow.

My right hand had a lot of issues. I dinged it on a couple of things both before and during the book fair. Oops. At least it is better than crypt keeper yellow.

This color screams Fall to me.

Now a quick picture of my crochet project. I was inspired and decided I wanted to make a hat. Don't ask. I don't know much about crochet and you can tell lol 

I had done all this and brought it to work this morning and the lady at work was like NO it is WRONG. I had to redo it. It also wasn't a circle really, you can see one side is more pointy. oops. lol

That was my sort of circle after unraveling it to start over. It hurt. I did so much. Oh well. My son says to me WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT? YOU AREN'T OLD! I want a hat, duh! I worked on it today and I am not sure yet but so far it is a circle and hopefully turning into a hat soon. lol

That's all for now :)


  1. The lady at work needs to be more supportive and think creatively--so maybe it wasn't 100% right but I've yet to knit anything perfect and most of it's been wearable.

  2. The hat looks really nice! I'm terrible at knitting and don't even know how to crochet. Your nails are so long! Jealous!

  3. @Karen- I call her the witch, she is not, well, always nice. lol I actually got some help from other crocheters and I am in fact doing SOMETHING wrong now I just gotta figure out what lol

    @Mihaela - thanks, lol it isn't quite a hat yet and today is take 3 though I only had to take apart half of it this time so at least that is a start. lol thanks they are starting to grow. knock on wood

  4. Love that color! Reminds me of Warm & Fozzie.

  5. oooh I have Warm and Fozzie, I should compare the two! Now, where oh where did I put Warm and Fozzie? I really need another helmer


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