Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun Bonus Pics

I am bored at work so you get a fun bonus post!! YAY! It is pretty slow this week which means there is way too much quiet going on here. I no likey.

Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior thinks it is fun to mess with my one dog's tail. He will attack her tail and feet randomly. I caught him in the act when she was laying in the kitchen door way last night.

She was watching dinner being made and he was attacking her wagging tail. I was talking to her and taking pictures of him which is why it was wagging.

This is poor Newey looking at me why did you bring this fur ball home?

This morning I stopped by my favorite dusty beauty shop for some clear rhinestones for my July 4th mani. Hopefully it works as well as it does in my head. They had a new rack of the China Glaze Metro Collection and I about fell over. I accidently left my phone in the car or there would be pics. I was too lazy to go out and get it and then I was glad I didn't because when I looked closer half of the slots were filled with random polishes. GRRRRR. I asked the chick and she said that was all they had and she didn't know if they would get the rest of them. Stupid fat hobbits! Get my hopes up then dash them. They did have Skyscraper which I really wanted.

I was planning on getting just Skyscraper and the rhinestones but they have a $10 limit on debit card purchases. This forced me to add a Konad plate. I picked this one because I have wanted it and figured now is as good a time as any. I love that little creature with the voodoo doll. They let me slide at 9 dollars and some change so I didn't have to buy anything else, darn.

Skyscraper is sooo pretty. I want to put it on NOW! Sadly the only ones they had were this, Brownstone, Urban Night, Traffic Jam and one of the other colors I didn't want. At least I got this one but I wish they had the other three I was most interested in. 

They have little packages of rhinestones and I searched and searched looking for the clear ones. They have packs of 20 and then packs of 50 I think but alas no clear. When I asked the girl she said oh yes over here and had this wheel behind the counter. Do I really need this many clear rhinestones? Oh well they were barely more expensive then the little packs so now I am set for life lol.

This was my drive to work this morning. The sun really wanted to come out but the clouds would not allow it. I hate this street people drive like morons on this street and there are always big trucks.

This is the little street that takes me to my job. More morons and trucks.

The sun came out for about 3.2 seconds then the rains came. Again. It was quite a storm and it is still grumpling out there. They lost power at home so I guess I am happy to be at work where the air is on.

That's all for now :)

Red Sparkles and Grey Skies

One day left, one day left...this is my mantra today. I have been having an extended fight with the copy machine here at work all week. I am about ready to pull an Office Space on it. I am printing a gazillion inserts and instruction sheets and the fumes from the copy machine are not real fun. I am asking for a gas mask for Christmas. The witch is pushing every button I have and being a blatant witch. I wonder if throwing a bucket of water at her will make her melt? It would be fun to do even if she didn't melt though lol. I am just over this week. It's been pretty crappy and that is just on the work front.

This is the kind of weather I have had to deal with all week too. Sunny Florida my booty! It has been rainy and gloomy for days which I love but doesn't do well for my pictures.

I sent my son to pick a polish for me and he came back with Milani One Coat Glitter in Red Sparkle. I had gotten this back when they started showing up at CVS. Contrary to the name it was not a one coat polish for me. I ended up using two because it didn't apply evenly and there were some bare spots here and there. It looked much better with two.

This one wasn't as thick and globy as I expected. It is quite sparkly.

As you can see the coloring of the pictures sucks because of the grey skies. I have no idea how sparkly this would be in the sunshine because I couldn't find any lol. It is pretty sparkly inside though.

The bf said it looks like the ruby red slippers. I used to have a polish combination I used to get killer ruby red slipper nails but I can't remember what it was and those polishes are long gone. Bummer too because it rocked.

This is a really pretty color and the polish wasn't horrible to apply though taking it off was fun. I didn't use the foil method because I am an idiot so it was quite a chore.

That's all for now :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunshine Award

Diana over at D.I.A.N.A tagged me for the Sunshine Award. THANK YOU DIANA!!!! You must check out her blog if you have not already because it is great! She does awesome nail art and makes the cutest nail decals.

The rules are as followed:

- Thank the person who gave you this award CHECK, Thank you again though  ;)

- Write a post about it UMMM DUH

- Answer to the questions below

- Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them message to let them know.

The questions:

Favorite color: I love colors but Blue has always been my favorite. In the nail polish world I lean towards anything not red and pink but there is always a place for any color.
Favorite animal: I love animals, all of them. When I was little my favorite was the panda bear until I realized it was really not cute and cuddly like they depict it. When I figured out they will really rip your face off my love for them dropped a notch. I have two dogs, a guinea pig, Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior and a snake right now so the love is widespread.
Favorite number: 8

What perfume am I using right now? Nada, none, zero, zilch. I don't usually wear perfume at all. Occasionally I will use body splash or the like. Basically I don't like super strong scents and haven't really found a perfume I could stand for daily wear. Any suggestions??
Something you always wear with you and identifies you: Umm, right now it would be the ring my bf gave me for Valentines day a couple years ago. It shows up in the pictures alot. Also my guitar string bracelet. I make jewelry so I usually change what I am wearing a lot depending on what I made that I really love.
What’s your passion? My family. Writing and being creative.
Getting or giving presents? I LOVE giving presents. It is the best. I put a ton of thought and effort into giving the perfect present even if it is something super simple and inexpensive. Unfortunately I am really really really bad with keeping it quiet. I can not buy presents too far in advance, especially for the bf, because I always end up giving it early. I am weird about opening presents in front of the giver, I don't know why but it feels like I am being watched under a microscope and embarrasses me lol.
What was the last eyeshadow you used? Wow, I don't even remember. I had itchy eye lids from hell and stopped wearing eye makeup for awhile to get rid of them and now I am afraid to try it again. I have tons of eye shadows too.
Favorite day of the week: I like the weekends because it is chill time (mostly).

Are your nails painted right now? But of course they are! 95% of the time they are painted. I have Jordana Purple Gleam on my nubs right now :)
I am going to cheat majorly right now! I am supposed to tag 10 bloggers for this award and I was really trying to go through the list but I think everyone on my list deserves it! The blogs I love bring sunshine to my day everyday (that's why they are blogs I love) and they all should be awarded with this award. So feel free to consider yourselves tagged and go forth and spread the sunshine! I know I am a wuss for cheating but hey, it's my blog and I can lol.

Don't Mess with OPI or Tangerines

Happy Hump Day!!! I am so looking forward to this weekend just so I can sleep in. I have been pretty tired this week and I just realized I probably won't be sleeping in Saturday morning either because my son will be going to his dad's. AWWW NUTS! The bf's daughter is also with us for the summer so sleeping in won't be happening. Well now that my dream has been obliterated and torn to shreds...

Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior had his check up yesterday. They removed his stitches but had to sedate him a bit to do so. Poor baby. He is off the antibiotics and we need to get him Cortisone cream and just hope that the scar tissue doesn't grow too thick so we don't have to repeat this whole ordeal. Ever since we got him he has taken the role of parrot. He will climb up on my shoulder and just hang out while I go about the house doing whatever. He doesn't like when I am washing dishes or running the water in the sink but everything else he is game for. Well yesterday he was up on his perch while I was brushing my teeth and the little bugger was actually trying to lick the toothbrush while I was brushing my teeth. I was laughing so hard he was holding on for dear life so he wouldn't fall off my shoulder. I can not believe that a cat would like toothpaste much less try and lick it off my toothbrush while I was using it. It was quite a scene.

For this mani I have Don't Mess with OPI from OPI's Spring-Summer 2011 Texas Collection. I was on the fence about most of this collection when I saw swatches. I got this one with my Ulta Rewards (if I recall correctly). I wasn't sure if I would really like it but after putting it on I really REALLY like it.

It applied so nicely. I used two coats though there were some spots that could have used another coat. I think my application was a little sloppy which is why it could have used three. The color reminds me of a pool table and Finger Paints Go Van Gogh. I am not sure how close they are but I am going to be looking into it. I very much liked this color.

My index finger nail ripped on the side and I had to file it down. I intended on leaving the rest alone until I had two more follow suite. Not cool nails, not cool. I was getting this post ready and realized how nice and long they were getting. Stupid fat hobbits!

The finish on this one was so shiny. The first coat didn't apply evenly at all and I could still see some visible nail line peek out of a couple of nails. I wouldn't call it a jelly but the first coat made me think I was going to have the same issues I have with jellies. Second coat evened out well and it gives me a slight squishy feeling.

If it would stop being overcast and rainy I could get some good outdoor shots but alas I am stuck inside.

I figured since I was bored at work and found a straight pin I would do some dotting with a polish I had in my purse. I picked up Revlon Tangerine which is one of their Spring-Summer 2011 Limited Edition Colors. I was looking for Blue Lagoon and of course could not find it when the CVS sale was going on last week so I got this one instead.

I had found a pin and shoved it into a pencil eraser to make a dotting tool. I would have just used a ball point pen but since I found the pin I figured I would give it a try.

In my mind this idea worked really well and looked great. I wasn't impressed with it on the nail though. Especially on my index nub. I am not happy to be back to nubs. My right hand I left a little longer so you will probably be seeing that more than my left.

I hadn't used a pin before and I think I get better results with the ball point pen but it could be just because it was my first attempt with a pin. I was also a little rushed trying to get it done before a call came in or something.

I also think another color might have worked better. If the nubs decide to play nice and grow out I may attempt this again with different colors.

That's all for now :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Absolutely Alice is Absolutely Awesome

I wish I was more excited about it being Monday but I am very much not. Tonight we will have another house guest but this time it will be a big white greyhound named Dudley. The air conditioning in his house is broken and he has a skin condition that makes it very hard for him to stay in the heat so he will be staying over. The bf brought him home at lunch to make sure he didn't try and eat Bruce and I guess things were calm enough because he is officially staying. That is about the excitement of my day. Oh and Shawn Michaels will be on Monday Night Raw tonight. The bf and my son like to watch wrestling and Shawn Michaels is one of the wrestlers who has been around for a long time. He actually retired last year but before he did I had a great time with his entrance song because I think it is the funniest thing ever. They have little wrestling dolls, um, I mean action figures, that play the wrestlers song and every time I see one of his dolls I have to play the song a couple of times. Sadly the dolls don't play the whole song. Anyway, he will be on the show tonight so I will get to hear the song lol. The strangest things amuse me.

When the Alice in Wonderland Collection came out it was right before I was really back into polish again and I missed it. Sadly. I found Alice in Wonderland on a blog sale for an amazing deal and had to buy it of course. I have had it for a few months before deciding to finally wear it Saturday. I thought it would be a good car mani. I meant to take pictures of it in the sun while in the car but I thought I had left my camera at home. Of course I found it, IN MY PURSE, when I got home Saturday night. DUH! I swear I didn't see it in there when I looked. I think it is time for a smaller purse. I only have inside shots for you today but this baby is insanely bright and sparkly in the sun. It was crazy how awesome it is.

OPI Absolutely Alice. You can see my thumb nail had a chipping issue. Actually most of my nails had an issue and by the time we made it home that night my left hand was almost completely naked. It looked like I tried a funky french because the tips were the only part of my nails that were polished. I am totally not understanding what is up with my polish lately. Today's mani is already chipped on one nail too and I am wrapping tips and using the same base/top coat as usual. I know my thumbs and the weak nails bend and the polish tend to chip there but I shortened my thumbs a bit to try and combat that.

I managed to keep the right hand mostly in tact so I could take pictures of it. As you can see my thumb didn't make it.

Glitter tends to chip and peel on me really easily so I wasn't completely surprised but it is still aggravating.

Gorgeous polish and I will have to wear it again to get some sun pictures for you. I refuse to even look and see what other polishes were in this collection.

I actually didn't really see what the huge deal was with this polish at first. I mean I love the shade of blue and it looks pretty but I didn't get it until I saw it in the sun.

Such a pretty color.

That's all for now :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Psychedelic Sunshine

Happy Sunday everyone!!! I am super excited! I hit 30 followers the other day and when I logged in today I now have 34! Welcome to everyone new that is checking out the blog! It definitely cheered me up a bit.

Yesterday we spent pretty much most of the day in the car driving up to Central Florida and back. Unfortunately I didn't get to do any nail polish shopping and the one CVS I did go into did not have Revlon Blue Lagoon. They had the yellow and orange one but of course didn't have the one I was looking for. They also didn't have the scented Revlons so there isn't much to report on the trip.

Today was uneventful and after the stuff that has been going on lately I am quite relieved at that. I am not really looking forward to next week since we will have to deal with the car an insurance companies and all of the not fun stuff. Sigh.

Today I have one of the fun colors that I picked up from Sally when they came out. Finger Paints Psychedelic Sunshine which was part of the Peace Love and Color collection for Summer 2011.

It is a bright glitter pack polish that does remind me of a sunny day. Did I mention I don't like the sun much? lol. I had read a lot of complaints about this polish being really thick and goopy. IT WAS!!! I tried to paint one nail and it was so thick and a pain to work with so I added thinner. Then I added more thinner. After adding even more thinner it was a little bit better. It was ok enough for me to do the mani but it was still on the thick side. I didn't have the patience to add even more thinner so I just dealt with it.

I used two coats in part because I knew there would still be visible nail line if I added more coats and in part because I was tired of dealing with it. I immediately closed the bottle and said it was going to be leaving and the bf said oh well swap it! He is catching on I tell ya! I told him no one would want it especially with it's thickness which is basically why I want nothing to do with it lol.

I showed him my nails when I was done and he said it looked like pee. Um, thanks! I didn't like the color at all last night but they have since grown on me.

I like the glitter. The color is fairly nice and in order to get the pictures to be most color accurate my hands turned very pink so sorry about that lol. The color is slightly lighter than in these pictures.

I figured that since the color grew on me that I would check with the bf again. Still looks like pee he says. I said yes but it is glittery. Apparently it just looks like glittery pee now.

It was quite funny when I realized as I was making a lemon meringue pie that I have lemon colored nails. I am having some chipping issues lately. I actually didn't have any chipping until after I did the baking and clean up but right after I took these pictures it decided it was chipping time. My thumbs actually started chipping earlier today while grocery shopping. I actually think the thumbs are due to the nails bending right where the white begins which causes the chipping.

Here is the pie! My meringue didn't puff up as much as it should have. That was my fault though.

That's all for now :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Yasmeen, Trixie and Swatchscicles

Hey Everyone! What a day! I thought work was rough since I spent most of the day without air conditioning because I was printing up some stuff. I had the ac in the office set to 90 degrees and it STILL turned on so it was pretty hot! The bf got the ticket for his fender bender because he was not allowed to make a left turn at the place he did. It would not have been his fault otherwise. There is no sign or markings that indicate no left turn so he will be fighting it in court. Luckily no one was hurt and that is the important part. Unfortunately his bumper is pretty messed up as are his headlights. The one that actually got hit by the other car is obviously dead but the bumper was pushed up and messed up the other one. I am mentally exhausted at this point.

I finally got the pictures edited and have them ready for you. I have not only a nail of the day but I also have an update on my organizing project and a cute Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior picture.

I used Zoya Yasmeen as a base and Trixie for stamping. I used two coats of Yasmeen.

I used my Shany plate B70 for stamping. I used the center butterfly image.

Yasmeen is a really pretty color. I actually ordered it mostly for the name. My cousin named one of her daughters Yasmeen and so I had to get it. I love the color though and am quite glad I got it. I have to actually tell her about the polish next time I talk to her.

As usual with Zoya I had no issues with application at all.

Something about this polish is just stunning. I don't know if it is the shine or the color or depth but I was pretty impressed with the fact that it kept catching my attention.

Trixie was awesome to stamp with. The color is so bright and made the image really clear. This might be my go to silver stamping polish.

I was working on my swatchscicles today at work and I don't know if it was all the tape or the process but I got a chip really early on in the day. I also noticed my thumb nail is trying to break along the side. SIGH. I should not have said anything about my nails getting long.

This is my ButterBeer Mug O Swatchscicles.

Last night I was able to get my fourth drawer of my helmer on my spreadsheet. While I had it out I decided to swatch all of my Zoyas. I have 32. This morning I took all the swatchscicles I had made to this point to work and made little labels for them because my writing wasn't the best. I actually just printed it all on a sheet of paper and cut them out and then taped them to the stick. It was a lot of work but I like the way it came out. I only have 65 polishes swatched so far. I have quite a ways to go lol.

These are some that I had swatched previously. Catherine Arleys, OPIs, P2s, Eyeko, Sally Hansen and Teeez.

Others I had swatched. ArtDeco, Golden Rose, Nubar, Catrice, Essence.

And all of the Zoyas together.

Last but not least a picture of Bruce coming after my hand because Bruce pictures cheer me up :)

That's all for now :)