Monday, June 6, 2011

Del Sol Goodies

Ok I think Blogger is going to cooperate with me now. This is pretty picture heavy since Blogger was finally cooperating I decided to add tons of pictures.

My parents went on an Alaskan cruise and just came back Saturday. They brought me some Del Sol goodies which is awesome. I know they have them some where down here in Miami but the only time I have ever seen them in person is up in the Tampa area in a random Walgreens. I used to have those hypercolor T-shirts as a kid and loved them. We would put our hands on each others shirts trying to leave hand prints.

My parents brought me this cool tote bag. I am not sure what I am going to use it for but it has a killer whale on it and it is really cool. I wish I had been able to go on the cruise with them.

Check out the colors it turns in the sun. I was super impressed with all the different colors.

They got me these four Del Sol polishes as well. From left to right it is Ruby Slipper, Rock Star, Day Dreamer and Spike.

I chose Spike for the first mani. My parents were so funny too. I did my nails real quick before the bf and I were running out for some errands and mentioned to my mom that I had the polish on. She asked me if it worked and I said I didn't know because I hadn't been outside yet but lets go. She runs into the bathroom where my dad was cleaning the bath tub and tells him that I am about to put my nails in the sun to come on and watch. They were so funny as they followed me outside and watched it turn from the minty green to a lavender ish shade. They were quite impressed and excited about it. Then my bf came outside in the shirt they had bought him and their excitement turned to the shirt.

I had used BB Couture Mariner over the weekend and absolutely love the polish and application so I wanted to use it for stamping over Spike. Mariner is on the left in the picture.

I used plate BM-215 that was sent to me by the lovely Holly over at shimmerspark which is from the new BundleMonster set. I used the fan design because I thought it would look cool with these colors.

I used three coats of Spike for the base. The application was streaky and it looked a bit frosty for my liking but it grew on me after awhile. After it was stamped on it looked more like a foil and I kinda liked the look.

In the shade and even in the light of the car it was a frosty minty green.

I think these two colors look really good together.

I was super excited to see what it looked like in the sun.

Luckily in Florida we have tons of sun so it wasn't too hard to get it to turn. Unfortunately it didn't turn as drastically as I had hoped. I was wondering if my top coat had anything to do with it. It turns a pinkish lavenderish color in the sun. You can somewhat tell in these pictures.

It looks a little more silver than lavender/pink in these pictures but in person you can see it more. You can also see the change a little more in person than I could get on camera.

You could probably see the change more if I didn't have the stamping on it but I like it with the stamping.

These are super fun polishes for someone as easily amused as I am lol. I kept trying to get it to change in the car but it wouldn't so as soon as I got out of the car I would stand in the sun. I truly am easily amused.

That's all for now :)

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