Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can't Cheat on Me Robyn!

Hey everyone! Today I finally have some stamping with Essence Cheat on Me for you all. It was suggested when I posted a mani with the polish previously but I hadn't gotten to it yet. I am wanting to stamp everything right now so we will probably have a bit more nail art coming up lol. I go through phases what can I say.

Today Mr. Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior has another checkup at the vet. He is not going to be happy at all. He truly hates the vet and does not appreciate us going there lol. I haven't gotten my keep Bruce off the table set up yet but I will let you know how that all works out. It is going to be a busy Saturday since we are driving up to Northern Florida and back. That probably means a lazy Sunday which I am very much looking forward to! We will see though. I wish it was Friday already, I would like to wind down.

For today's mani I have Essence Can't Cheat on Me and Zoya Robyn. You will notice immediately if you have this color that this picture is way inaccurate. It actually looks much more like Zoya's Phoebe from the Mod Matte Collection. No matter what I did to this stupid picture in photoshop I could not get the color right. I apologize for this, I want things to be accurate but this color just wouldn't cooperate no matter what I did.

I used my Shany plate BM19 for the stamping. I used the Circles pattern which is the top right design.

And you can see that the color is off and the stamping is not really visible here! lol. I used two coats of Robyn. She is much more blue and darker than this picture shows. The stamping is also a tad bit more visible in person.

This picture is much much more color accurate. I would say they are completely color accurate except the pinky finger. You can also see the stamping more clearly.

Outside in the light it does look a little lighter but the camera is not my friend today. In the sun it was impossible to capture anything but you can see Can't Cheat on Me much better. It catches the light and shows more holo but it is faint.

You can see the stamping better here.

I took a ton of dud pictures with this mani so I salvaged what I could. Is it sad that this is considered getting long for my nails? In the past I have managed to grow them out a little longer than this but not much. I am not going to get too excited because they usually start breaking right about now but it shows a little bit of promise.

And these are Nutella brownies. One of the girls on the nail board posted a recipe for these yesterday. I had never had Nutella before but I have always been curious about it and the bf was going to the grocery store so I told him to pick some up for me. They were super easy and quick to make and tasted pretty good. No one knew they were made with Nutella and everyone thought they were decent. As my bf said they aren't the to die for best brownies in the world but I am thinking that in that instance he wants something sweet these would go over quite nicely. Now I need to find out what to do with the rest of the jar of Nutella lol.

That's all for now :)


  1. Mmm... Nutella... *drool* Have it on toast. Waffles. Warm it and put it on ice cream, just grab a spoon and go for it... :D

    Zoya Robyn. Sooo pretty. I really need to get that polish!

    I bought those plates from Shany, too. They are actually the first batch of Bundle Monster plates, as I discovered when I received them. lol

  2. Lol. I never thought of half of those things, warmed on ice cream sounds so good!! My son says kids at his school walk around with jars and spoons and randomly take it out and eat a spoonful. He was very excited to find out what it is finally lol.

    Robyn is really nice, it reminded me of candy for some reason.

    YES I noticed that about the Shany plates. I love them but thankfully noticed before I bought the bundle monster set as well. I can't wait to get the second Bundle Monster set, saving my pennies for it lol.

    Welcome :) Thanks for following :)


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