Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Outta Sight

Today should be called terrible Tuesday. I am slightly cranky and tired and just ready to take a really LONG nap! I don't get said nap of course but it would be so welcome. Tonight I will be making chocolates all night :)

The mani I have for you today was picked by my son. He wanted me to paint pumpkin faces on it and make them pumpkins. Never mind the fact that it is only June the boy wants Halloween! This of course is because we watched Nightmare Before Christmas. I told him I would save that idea for October lol.

Finger Paints Outta Sight Orange from the Peace Love & Color collection.

I think I used two coats for this mani. Gosh, I can't remember for certain, it might have been three. I know I was not enjoying the visible nail line. For some reason it looked like my nails were dirty under there. I assure they were not. It quite annoyed me and that is my only complaint about the polish.

Super orange color with little tiny micro glitter. The application was a breeze and I had no issues with it at all.

It is a vibrant orange color and I love it. My son, not so much. Once it was on he said it was not as he pictured but it would look much better with the faces. I had to give him credit for effort.

I tried some different things with the camera to attempt to take more color accurate and better pictures. I don't think they worked well. The polish is pretty but my hands look incredibly weird.

They either look ghostly and abnormally white or oddly splotchy and red. Not sure if that qualifies as lobster hands but it is not cute.

I really like this polish and can't wait to play with the others I got from this collection.

Bruce came home from the vet yesterday after his surgery. Apparently when they picked him up he was in a worse mood than he was in after Saturday's visit. When I got home he stumbled right over to me and gave me kisses and was very lovey. The doctor is hoping that the problem is fixed now. He had some abscesses which were taken care of and a larger incision was made. He will have to be monitored and given antibiotics for a much longer time to make sure the infection is truly gone. Other than that it is a wait and see. We had another night of drunk kitty. The little guy was wobbly and completely out of it but would not sit still for anything. I tried to hold him, pet him, put him in his house and he just wasn't having it he wanted down and he wanted to play. Unfortunately he was not very stable and I lost count with how many times he fell off the bed or fell over trying to scratch or something. My bed isn't that far off the ground so it wasn't a major ordeal but I was still worried about him hurting himself. I would have preferred he sit still but he was active most of the rest of the night including when we were trying to sleep. lol.

He is his normal nose biting self today. The vet even called to check on him. He doesn't seem to need his pain meds and so we haven't given them to him. Now it is just a monitor and wait and see situation. Hopefully he will be better after this procedure.

That's all for now :)


  1. That is one sweet face! That orange looks way better on you than me! Hmph!

  2. That's a very pretty colour! Hehe, your son is on the right track, everyday is Halloween (or should be at least).

  3. Thanks!! I wasn't sure about it at first, I thought it looked weird on me. I loved it the next morning though.

    I agree about Halloween, especially if there is candy lol. If it wasn't already almost 1am when I did my nails I may have done the faces lol.


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