Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spike and Mariner Together Again

Hey Everyone! I have had quite the weird day. Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior started it off by batting me in the eye this morning at 6 am. I mean my eye was OPEN when he smacked me. I wasn't fully awake and I guess my reflexes weren't awake yet either because I couldn't get my eye closed quick enough. This was after he attacked my head again and before he kept batting at my eyes and got them a couple times with his little claws. That kitten is crazy sometimes!

I come in the house from dropping my son off at school and my brother is waiting for me on the couch. He is going with me to the dentist because a. he knows the girl who owns the office and b. he thinks I will not be able to drive after the dreaded root canal. I am not sure what he thinks they are going to do to me but he is freaking me out. So he says to me NICE SHIRT! I say thanks thinking it is because I am wearing his team shirt from the robot competition but then I look at him and laugh. Nice Shirt!!! He is wearing the same shirt! He refused my convincing argument that it would be cute for us to wear matching shirts and he changes his. We get in the car to go to the dentist and a cheesy old Lionel Richie song is on the radio and we both start singing along because he is hitting a high note that neither of us can but love to try anyway. (Singing is not one of my talents, at all!) I tell him it would have been much more awesome if we were wearing the same shirt!

SO on our way to the dentist I mention they did not call me to remind me of the appointment which she ALWAYS does and he says are you sure it is today? I said yes I am, I think, I know it is on June 9th! It is June 9th right? UM NO it is the 8th! I call her to make sure because I swear it was today and sure enough it is in fact on June 9th which is tomorrow. *smacks forehead*  DUH!

I also just got in a fight with UPS over a work matter. We shipped a package 2nd Day Air and it is not been delivered yet. When I track the package it says it was left at facility/ forwarded to facility in destination city. I call UPS and they say the same thing the screen says. She can't tell me if it will be delivered today, tomorrow or next year. IS 2nd Day Air Guaranteed? YES she says. OK so 2nd day is guaranteed but you aren't delivering it in two days? No, it is our error. Ok, will you be refunding us the charge for 2nd day? She tells me when the package is delivered I should call them back and we can discuss it. Oh how I love when these things happen. I was not friendly nor was I happy especially when I had to try and explain to my customer how her guaranteed 2nd day delivery package delivery date is unknown. Is the day over yet???

Ok, sorry about that little rant, now on to the good stuff! Since I did my last mani with Del Sol Spike and a stamping of BB Couture Mariner I decided to reverse it for this mani. Mariner was the polish I wanted to show you over the weekend but didn't get a chance to.

BB Couture Mariner is on the left and Del Sol Spike is on the right. I actually used only one coat of Mariner on my left hand. I wanted to see what it looked like with two coats and if that made a difference so I did two coats on my right hand.

I used my Shany plate BM12 for stamping Del Sol Spike. I used the bunch of flowers design that is on the right.

My mani chipped before 11am because I didn't wrap my tips and it wanted to be difficult so please excuse the chipping. I took some pictures in the sun and some inside to see if you could tell a difference with the stamping. I think the design was so small it was really hard to tell the difference.

I actually just look how my fingers look strange in this picture.

This was one coat!! I was amazed at the full coverage in one coat. There was one patch on one nail that I messed up and a second coat would have fixed but other than that there was no need for a second.

I love the formula of the BB Couture polish it was smooth and gave me no problems what so ever. This is two coats and really you can't tell a difference.

The color is really nice! It kept reflecting the lights which of course obscures the stamping.

I need some work on centering my stamping design. Spike worked great for stamping though.

Such a cute design I want to try it with maybe a white base and super neon color hehe.

Bruce wanted to help me type up my blog! He kept attacking my hands.

This is his evil look. He is watching!

That's all for now :)


  1. Bruce might need some kitty Valium. :)

    I like the stamping--very nice tone on tone!

    I was able to drive just fine after my recent root canal, for what it's worth.

  2. The matching shirt thing cracks me up! I don't care if Bruce Is evil, I want to nom him!

  3. Karen I think he definitely needs some kitty Valium! He smacked me in the eye again today but I was ready for it. lol Thanks :) I wish the stamping would have changed a bit but I think there just wasn't enough to notice. Thank you, I was thinking I should be fine but the doofus swears he needs to take me. Perhaps he just wants to go for a ride.

    Hey Denise! Yeah the matching shirts was funny I still think he should have kept it on lol. Bruce is mostly a good boy, he gets that evil look about him sometimes though. I think it is because his eyes are so big and he puts his ears back. He is a sweetie though even when he is trying to claw my eyes.


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