Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Essence Underwater

Is it Friday yet? Today I am not quite as annoyed as yesterday but I am REALLY tired. I managed to get another drawer on my spreadsheet last night which is quite an accomplishment but unfortunately it wasn't one of the fuller drawers. lol baby steps. I also found a polish I bought for my friend that somehow ended up in my drawer. Luckily I am sending her a package anyway so I shoved it in there as well. I think I am getting a headache too. Today is the first day of summer and it is HOT!!! It has been hot for months because in South Florida we have two seasons, Hot and Hotter! I think it is nearing the Hotter now :)

I don't remember if I bought this polish in Ulta or if it was sent to me. Either way I loved it in the bottle because it is a pretty navy blue with blue glitter.

Essence Underwater. You can sort of see the glitter a bit in the bottle picture. Unless you tip the bottle and have it in the light the glitter hides. I was so excited thinking that the glitter would really show itself on the nail but alas it does not want to play.

This is two coats. If you have a heavy hand and are better at application than I am you can get away with one. Please excuse the weird spot on my index finger where the nail polish disappeared. I don't have a clue where it went but when I looked down it was gone. Very strange. This picture is in the shade.

Now these pictures are taken outside with and without flash in natural light. In direct light it looks lighter and in the shade it looks darker but that is not surprising. I kept getting reflections in the polish lol.

The color is pretty, it is a nice Navy type blue but that stupid glitter is NO WHERE to be found. I can NOT see it on the nail unless I hold my hand the right way about 6 inches from my face and happen to catch the light. It is angering.

Now today is when the camera and it's macro abilities really taunts me because in many of these pictures you can actually see the darn glitter. Yes, I have been giving the bottle dirty looks all day. I know the glitter is in there but it refuses to play nice.

I was actually thinking the weird missing piece on my nail looked cool and would look even cooler with one on the other side of the nail. Odd, I know.

Application of the brat was great. I had no issues though I am not really fond of the brush. I am really impressed with Essence. The bottles they carry in the normal display at Ulta are small but usually when I am trying to bring my total up for a coupon and there isn't anything on clearance I look for one of these babies.

The color is a tad darker than this picture. I think the glitter factor has disappointed me so much that I am really no longer interested in this mani today lol. I am ready to take it off or change it. Stupid glitter.

I saw this display at CVS the other day. They have coupons on it too :) I like coupons! There wasn't anything I HAD to have though so I walked away with nothing.

And some cute pictures of Bruce. He goes back to the doctor on Thursday but all is well so far. He still has his stitches and is on his antibiotics. He is quite the little brat sometimes though. His new thing is to jump on the table which drives my mother batty. He knows he shouldn't be up there and watches us the entire time he does it daring us to get up and come after him. It's funny but of course I can't let him know that. If anyone has any suggestions for curbing this behavior I am all ears! My mom's one thing is the cat CAN NOT be on the table or the kitchen counter.

Here he is ready to pounce on my face. He jumped right after I took the picture. He wasn't going for my face (this time) but was trying to get the cord that hangs from my cell phone. He is funny.

And this is a picture of one of the streets near my house. I know it is boring but it was on my camera lol. That is a turkey vulture on top of the light pole. You can't see it well but we have tons of them that hang out by this canal. They kind of creep me out.

That's all for now :)


  1. For this project you're going to need a lot of foil and tape. See, when you chase Bruce off the table and scold him, you're interacting with him. He thinks you're playing. Plus, many cats like to be up high, and i just bet that little beast is one of them. Cover the table top with foil. Leave it there until he stops jumping up.


    Ahhh that makes total sense! It is seeming to be a game to him. Thanks for the suggestion, I will get the supplies tonight and foil away lol. It is going to look interesting for awhile.

    I had read someone online suggested getting mouse traps and putting them under those pie tins under a table cloth so when the cat jumps he sets off the trap making a loud noise but it seemed like it was a little too risky and insane to do so. I like your plan better, plus I can use the foil for glitter remover later lol.

  3. No, not mouse traps, he could get hurt! Heck, you could get hurt. And remember, one of the most painful punishments you can give a cat is to ignore him.
    Does he have a nice high place to perch that's not the table?

  4. Yea I thought the mouse traps was an insane idea. Oh interesting thought. He gets more attention than anything lol even the dogs want to play with him. He has the stair case but I am going to have to get him one of those cat things that are tall and have perches for him because I am guessing he would love it. It explains why he likes to be on our shoulders like a parrot lol


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