Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some Random Stuff

Hey everyone! I think it is time to admit that I am NOT superwoman and I can't do everything. Hmmm, NAH! I mentioned earlier this week that things would be hectic because I took on a nearly impossibly 150 chocolate order that is due early Sat morning. Um, hectic is an UNDERSTATEMENT. I am going to rant a little here because I am frazzled a bit. If you care to skip over the rant scroll down to the first picture, I wouldn't hold it against you lol.

So Monday I got the supplies for these stupid lollipops. Tuesday I made a whole 24, I was off pace but thought I could pick it up later. Wednesday I forgot I had part 2 of my root canal. The one day I NEED to be in and out of the dentist (I am usually in an out in just about an hour to an hour and a half) is the one day that they have me in the waiting room for an hour and a half. At least the waiting room had a couple of adorable Australian kids for me to play with. Such cuties. I asked the 9 year old what he was going to do for the summer and he said "Just Chill. You know, try and live life to it's fullest" I laughed and told him he had a great idea with that one! I managed to get 24 more Eagles done but I am sitting at 48 out of 150 done and two days left. I am slightly stressed.

Not to mention that I am having a day from hell at work! It is one of those days where you have to fight with rude people at UPS because they are over charging you. It is also one of those days where you make mistakes that you have under control until someone takes upon themselves to try and fix it despite not knowing what they are doing and then it creates and even bigger mess. AND one of those days where every call you take is from someone that is being very difficult and you want to smack with a shoe upside the head. Instead I just smile and try and sound chipper and count down the minutes until it is time to go home. I'd very much like to go home and sleep and wake up tomorrow.

I have also been having a very difficult mani week which is why today's post is not of a mani. Yesterday I had Del Sol Daydreamer on again. When I was walking into the dentist (work was crazy so I had no time before I left for the dentist to take pics) the sun was blazing. It is quite hazy here though because we have a fire in the Everglades but the polish had changed enough that I could take pics. I of course could not find my camera in my abyss of a purse and it was at least 90 degrees outside so I decided to just wait until after the dentist. After an hour in the waiting room I decided my meter would have run out before I got out of there so I would go down feed the meter and take some pictures. I walked out the door and there was no sun :/  typical! I have decided that I am giving up on Daydreamer for awhile. I can not longer stand the taunting. Today I took a break at work and was trying to do my nails and came in and of course accidentally hit the copy machine and ruined two nails. I have to laugh, at least I am consistent with my luck!

I tried doing a comparison for Sally Hansen Insta Dri Blue-Away and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Barracuda this past weekend.  I have not done a comparison before so any suggestions to make it better would be greatly appreciated. I think I should do them on my nails from now on. This was just an experiment though. When I get my stuff organized and swatched I will really start getting into the comparisons.

So here is my comparison. Blue-Away is on the left and Barracuda the right. I had heard mention of these two in the same sentence but hadn't seen a picture of them together. I already had Blue-Away and still wanted Barracuda then was curious as to how close they really are.

I used two coats for each swatchscicle. Blue-Away is a darker blue. 

A little closer up you can see the difference more.

And some recent nail mail I thought I would share. Pictures are always a happy thing :)

This is my most recent Holland package. I can't wait to start playing with these :) I refuse to use holo or glitter for a bit because the sun is being a punk lately. We are actually moving into our summer weather pattern of afternoon thunderstorms which will add to the excitement of taking pictures lol.

And a funny picture that I have in my folder. When I saw it I cheered up a bit so I figured I would add it. Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior is getting SO BIG now but this was from when he was a little baby. I thought it was hilarious that he tilted his head like that for the picture.

That's all for now :)


  1. Good luck with the rest of the 150!

    That is a super cute Bruce photo--might have to bookmark that so I can come back when I need a smile.

  2. Thanks Karen! I need the luck too lol

    Isn't it cute? That little monster is such a cutie! I think I actually said AWWWW out loud when I opened it lol. My mom even likes him and my mother is a tough nut to crack when it comes to the furry species.

  3. Those eagles are amazing! And the Bruce pic cheered me up too. He's really a piece of work!

  4. Thanks :) Yes he is a piece of work! I hope he keeps his personality when he grows up. All cats I have encountered have little personality and most wanted nothing to do with people. I hope he is not like that. So far he is quite the character.

  5. Oh mercy! Almost every cat I've ever encountered has personality galore! And if you give them love, they will give you so much in return.

  6. :) good I hope he keeps his personality. He is in a defiant phase right now. He keeps jumping up on the table which we are trying to keep him from doing. He knows he isn't supposed to be and I will yell at him and he gives me this look and dares me to come after him. When I do he runs lol


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