Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Colada and Apple-tinis

Ah thank goodness it is hump day. I am falling asleep today! Normally when I buy new polishes I don't necessarily use them immediately. I tend to get the Limited Edition stuff because I am always afraid it will be gone and then I will realize I want it. Saturday I had ran to Walgreens looking for ice to transport the chocolates and I saw this display on a cart. I was intrigued by the one they call Colada because it looked like an even better version of Blue Lagoon which I have been wanting. I assumed they would be putting it out and Revlon was on sale buy one get one 50% off. They didn't have the ice and I didn't have the time so I snapped a picture and intended to come back later.

I didn't make it back Saturday but needed ingredients for the pumpkin bread/cookies Sunday so I ran to Walgreens again. I very much hate my Walgreens, the display was no where to be found and they didn't have the ingredients I needed. BOO!! I had gone to two other Walgreens and that same one Monday and this display was NO WHERE to be found. Talk about annoying! I finally found it at the little hole in the wall Walgreens that never has anything so I never go there. I guess I had a feeling because it was an untouched display. I snatched up Colada and Apple-tini Fizz right away. I was also short on time so I didn't stand there and debate buying more. I think I want them all though, especially after trying these two.

On the right is Apple-tini Fizz and the left is Colada from the Revlon Sweetly Seductive scented collection. It is a collection right? lol.

I had on Essence Underwater yesterday, here is a picture to remind you what it looks like. I was bored driving home and bored of the color (darn you hiding glitter) so I decided to give these two a whirl. Long traffic lights at least provide me with enough time to do things like this lol.

This is two coats of Colada over Essence Underwater. It looked so sparkly and pretty.

I put two coats of Apple-tini Fizz on my right hand over Underwater. I LOVE the way this one looked.  

I added a second picture because it surprised me how much I liked this combo.

Last night when I redid my mani I decided that I needed to complete my post of these two by doing a mani with them. The problem is that I wanted to see what it would look like over white as well. I had a fabulous idea of a gradient mani in white topped with these two. Unfortunately it is more fabulous in my mind than on my hand.

My gradient is lacking. I am sorry, this I would consider a fail but I wanted to post it anyway. I used a Wet N Wild White that I can't remember the name of that I got when they were .69 cents at Walgreens. I also used a makeup sponge to sponge the white on which is probably the issue. I don't have enough experience with sponging. I topped it with two coats of Apple-tini and Colada on alternating nails.

I wanted you to basically be able to see the color that it is when used alone then over white. You can kind of see that here. These polishes are very sheer which is great for layering but I don't think it is going to be too sheer for me to want to use it alone. Colada is not really as blue on the nail or even over white as it is in the bottle. Blue Lagoon it is not but I bet it would look awesome over it. I think if you mixed the two it might be perfect! I guess that means I still need to buy Blue Lagoon lol.

Ok since these are scented polishes lets talk about the scent. Colada has a strange scent I can not place. Apple-tini has a fruity scent but not necessarily like apple, I think it smells more like fruity candy. Over Underwater I did not use a top coat and the smell was much stronger. It wasn't overwhelming but I did have an issue when I was eating dinner. I happened to have corn on the cob and it was a little disturbing to be smelling this polish while trying to eat.

I used a top coat over the gradient mani and it lessened the scent a bit. I didn't notice the scent as much today and it wasn't overly annoying while I was eating. The scent is still there but it is more faint. Right now all I can smell is Lemony Flutter so the smell can be over powered by something stronger lol.

That's all for now :)


  1. They both look great over Underwater!

  2. I especially liked Apple-tini over Underwater, it made me like Underwater more lol.

  3. Thanks for the swatches! I definitely want Colada now! I haven't seen the display yet, though :'(

  4. I keep hoping to find it in CVS with their extra bucks they have going on right now but no dice. I have only seen one display in one Walgreens so far. I love Colada I do wish it was more blue but it is was the one I HAD to have.


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