Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Polish Remover Pads in Review

Hey Everyone! Well blogger is cooperating again so that is one less thing to get on my nerves today. I am super cranky and just not really wanting to put up with anyone today. I can't even begin to list how many annoyances I have been dealing with today. I guess it is just one of those days. Oh and I didn't wrap my tips last night and yup by 11am I sure did have a chip on one of my nails. That is just the kind of day it is. Tomorrow is my root canal too so I am super excited about that one. Joy!

The stores in my area leave a lot to be desired. I went to CVS today and despite the Sally Hansen Crackles being in their sale paper they don't have them. There is no hint of a display but that is the store near my job and I go there pretty often before work and I haven't seen them yet so it isn't like they had them out and sold out of them or anything. Things like that annoy the beejeezuz out of me. I actually took a chance and went into the Family Dollar near my house for the first time the other day. I was looking for sticks for my swatchscicles and whatever other treasures they had and was quite surprised that they actually had the sticks and LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads. Now, if you saw my post on the Natural Products Cupcake Remover Pads you know I had to try them. So I did and compared them for you all :)

I used them on my Teeez Outta Control mani. It was quite chipped when I did this experiment and I would say about 1/4 of the index finger on both nails was chipped off. There was minor chipping elsewhere and both hands had about the same amount of tip wear.

I will start with the LA Colors Remover Pads. They give you 32 pads and there were two scents at my store Peach and some sort of Melon. They were a buck. They are acetone free and boast that they will not dry out nail surface or skin but they do contain alcohol.

This is what the inside looks like. I could smell the alochol and the first time I opened them I thought I was opening a bottle of peach vodka or something. The smell of both the peach and the alochol is not strong and I just about shoved it up my nose initially like a nerd. When I open the jar and leave it on the table it is a faint fragrance. This is great for work and other areas where you need to remove your polish without being noticed.

I used these wipes on my left hand (I used the cupcake ones on my right) and had to use two to get all the polish off. It removed the polish fairly quickly and without too much of a struggle.

After use my fingers were not oily like the cupcake pads leave them but they were slightly sticky. I am guessing you would probably want to wash your hands after using this product. I know I did! You would probably go through four or 5 pads for a full mani depending on what color you wear. I didn't use a super dark polish and had to use two for one hand.

The Natural Products Remover Pads look like this. They contain 30 pads which is slightly less than the LA Colors and they are slightly more expensive at $2.99 a jar. The only place I have ever seen these is Hot Topic or their website which is UK based. They are both acetone and alochol free.

This is what they look like inside. They are a tiny bit larger than the LA Colors pads but not by much. They smell like vanilla or something sugary sweet. Once again I practically shoved them up my nose when smelling them. They are also faint and perfect for use in undercover office polish removal. You don't even have to hide under your desk to remove the polish because the scent is so faint.

I used these pads on my right hand. I only needed one pad to do all five fingers but I must say that on my last finger it was definitely stretching it a bit. You will know you need a new pad when you rub the polish off and the liquid left behind is still the color of your polish. I was actually able to make it with one pad which actually impressed me a bit.

Now these pads leave your fingers oily. It is not unpleasant and almost seems like it is supposed to be there like bonus conditioning. Unfortunately it gets pretty much everywhere so hand washing is a little more of a necessity unless you want everything you touch to get oily.

This is a comparison of the different pads. The one on the left is the Cupcake pad and the two on the right are the LA Colors pads.

Over all both of these pads work really really well. I prefer the Cupcake pads because they are both alochol and acetone free and I kind of like the oily thing they have going on. In my mind it means it is being nice to my cuticles even though I am not sure if that is the case at all. The LA Colors pads are great too, especially for the price, and I intend to get a couple more to have on hand. I have never seen them before so I don't know how readily available they happen to be. I think either brand is a must have for in your purse or at work when you might happen to need to take polish off in stealth mode.

OH and a super bonus with the Cupcake pads is they will remove polish off of your wood furniture without ruining it. I know this because as I was doing some stamping at my mom's Teak dining room table somehow I got nail polish on my hand and kept resting it on the table before noticing. When I finally did realize what was going on I had a HUGE spot of green polish on the table. This table is older than I am and I about panicked. Then I remembered these little pads and how they are acetone free so I just dabbed my finger on the top pad and rubbed on the polish spot and after repeating a couple of times the polish was gone and the table was perfect. Thank goodness! I ruined a couple other wood tables over the years with my spilling of nail polish/polish remover.

I hope this wasn't too long and boring.
That's all for now :)

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