Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cool and the Gang

Ok what is it with the furry four legged foursome that has made it their sole goal in life to not let me sleep?! We thought we were going to out smart them last night when I had my son sleep downstairs so the bear brat would not wake me up a million times. Other than the 20 minute chill period she spent outside at 11pm she slept through the night which was so very wonderful, almost. The cute little brat known as Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior decided he wanted in on the fun and acted like a crazed maniac all night. At first I let him out of his "house" because I thought he might have to use the litter box. Uh, negative. At about 3:30 am he started to act like a crazed psychopath and had an absolute fit. I let him out again but alas as soon as I let go of him he was off and running. Eventually he fell back asleep only to be up again at 5:30 am. I was smart enough to give him some food so he would be full and sleepy and it worked. Little monster ate his food and got up and snuggled with me and FINALLY I had some sleep. My brother is back from the trip tonight and guess who gets the job of babysitting now...

So, coffee in hand, I have a very pretty but PITA polish for you today. I had bought Revlon Royal months back and promptly swapped it. Although the color is gorgeous and I love the jelly ness I couldn't get the stupid polish to look right or apply evenly. Well this one was no different. Le SIGH.

Today's mani is Essence Cool and the Gang and if I had Royal still I would compare the two for you. To me they look pretty darn close if not dead on dupes but like I said Royal is long gone.

Ok, now that you have seen the first picture I will tell you in real life they didn't look THIS bad but still you could see the uneven application. I actually redid this mani twice because I could not get it to work. Jellies fail me. I used thin coats and let them dry longer in between but no, not cooperative. You can see all the issues in the photos.

It photographed a lot lighter than it was in real life. I used two coats because I couldn't deal with it anymore. I absolutely love this color and have since I had seen the first pictures of Royal but my lord it does not play nice.

This picture above is the truest to color picture I could get. It is a deep royal blue and super shiny.

It pains me that I can not get the application down on this polish. I will say it did work a lot better than Royal did for me but that isn't saying much. If anyone has any tips on applying this type of polish I am all ears. I have done thin coats, thick coats, let them dry more, let them dry less and still this!

Since the mani pictures were sub par I decided to show you some pictures I took on my way to the dentist yesterday. Driving and picture taking NOT RECOMMENDED! The pictures aren't great for obvious reasons but traffic allowed me to take some decent ones. This is my view going over the bridge to the Miami Beach Area.

Also going over the bridge, that is the down town area.

The view of Miami Beach from the bridge. This is not the coast but the bay side of the area.

More of Miami Beach bay side view. Next time I go to the actual beach and the coast I will take pictures. It was a pretty nice day to be at the beach if you like that kind of stuff. I do not, I enjoy the cool quiet darkness where I can maintain my paleness.

That's all for now :)


  1. I'm pretty sure part of a cat's job description is acting like a maniac for no reason in the middle of the night. :)

    If I knew the secret to getting squishy polishes to behave I wouldn't be so annoyed with Chanel Riva right now. This Essence sure is a pretty blue, though.

  2. Oh my gosh this cat is totally doing his job!! He is quite amusing but has now taken to peeing between the book shelf and tv stand. I think we should have named him trouble!

    I love squishy polishes I just wish they behaved better. The blue is so pretty but my goodness it is a pain.


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