Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Don't Mess with OPI or Tangerines

Happy Hump Day!!! I am so looking forward to this weekend just so I can sleep in. I have been pretty tired this week and I just realized I probably won't be sleeping in Saturday morning either because my son will be going to his dad's. AWWW NUTS! The bf's daughter is also with us for the summer so sleeping in won't be happening. Well now that my dream has been obliterated and torn to shreds...

Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior had his check up yesterday. They removed his stitches but had to sedate him a bit to do so. Poor baby. He is off the antibiotics and we need to get him Cortisone cream and just hope that the scar tissue doesn't grow too thick so we don't have to repeat this whole ordeal. Ever since we got him he has taken the role of parrot. He will climb up on my shoulder and just hang out while I go about the house doing whatever. He doesn't like when I am washing dishes or running the water in the sink but everything else he is game for. Well yesterday he was up on his perch while I was brushing my teeth and the little bugger was actually trying to lick the toothbrush while I was brushing my teeth. I was laughing so hard he was holding on for dear life so he wouldn't fall off my shoulder. I can not believe that a cat would like toothpaste much less try and lick it off my toothbrush while I was using it. It was quite a scene.

For this mani I have Don't Mess with OPI from OPI's Spring-Summer 2011 Texas Collection. I was on the fence about most of this collection when I saw swatches. I got this one with my Ulta Rewards (if I recall correctly). I wasn't sure if I would really like it but after putting it on I really REALLY like it.

It applied so nicely. I used two coats though there were some spots that could have used another coat. I think my application was a little sloppy which is why it could have used three. The color reminds me of a pool table and Finger Paints Go Van Gogh. I am not sure how close they are but I am going to be looking into it. I very much liked this color.

My index finger nail ripped on the side and I had to file it down. I intended on leaving the rest alone until I had two more follow suite. Not cool nails, not cool. I was getting this post ready and realized how nice and long they were getting. Stupid fat hobbits!

The finish on this one was so shiny. The first coat didn't apply evenly at all and I could still see some visible nail line peek out of a couple of nails. I wouldn't call it a jelly but the first coat made me think I was going to have the same issues I have with jellies. Second coat evened out well and it gives me a slight squishy feeling.

If it would stop being overcast and rainy I could get some good outdoor shots but alas I am stuck inside.

I figured since I was bored at work and found a straight pin I would do some dotting with a polish I had in my purse. I picked up Revlon Tangerine which is one of their Spring-Summer 2011 Limited Edition Colors. I was looking for Blue Lagoon and of course could not find it when the CVS sale was going on last week so I got this one instead.

I had found a pin and shoved it into a pencil eraser to make a dotting tool. I would have just used a ball point pen but since I found the pin I figured I would give it a try.

In my mind this idea worked really well and looked great. I wasn't impressed with it on the nail though. Especially on my index nub. I am not happy to be back to nubs. My right hand I left a little longer so you will probably be seeing that more than my left.

I hadn't used a pin before and I think I get better results with the ball point pen but it could be just because it was my first attempt with a pin. I was also a little rushed trying to get it done before a call came in or something.

I also think another color might have worked better. If the nubs decide to play nice and grow out I may attempt this again with different colors.

That's all for now :)


  1. I can't believe how good that looks on you! I never liked it in the store.
    Is your toothpaste mint, by any chance?

  2. I love this green! Looks good on you :)

  3. Thanks!

    I wasn't really sure I wanted it in the store but something (mainly Ulta rewards) made me get it and figure it was worth a shot. I am glad i did.

    My toothpaste is infact mint. He likes it, I doubt it is good for him so I have to stop letting him up there when I am brushing. He also likes to chew on? my hair when it is wet. Strange little kitty.

  4. Mint is related to catnip. Some cats really go nuts for mint. My friend's cat would try to stick his head in your mouth if you had just brushed your teeth. I also stopped using peppermint lip balm because of him. I loved him, but that didn't mean I wanted him licking my lips.
    Romany likes to chew on my wet hair. I think it's my conditioner.

  5. Ahhh that explains the mint! That is too funny, I am thinking Bruce would pribably try and stick his head in my mouth if I let him too lol. THe funniest part is he just doesn't understand why he can't lick the toothbrush while I am brushing. He looks at me like I am the weird one.

    I was wondering if it was the conditioner or if he was just too lazy to go find his water bowl and drink lol


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