Sunday, June 26, 2011

Psychedelic Sunshine

Happy Sunday everyone!!! I am super excited! I hit 30 followers the other day and when I logged in today I now have 34! Welcome to everyone new that is checking out the blog! It definitely cheered me up a bit.

Yesterday we spent pretty much most of the day in the car driving up to Central Florida and back. Unfortunately I didn't get to do any nail polish shopping and the one CVS I did go into did not have Revlon Blue Lagoon. They had the yellow and orange one but of course didn't have the one I was looking for. They also didn't have the scented Revlons so there isn't much to report on the trip.

Today was uneventful and after the stuff that has been going on lately I am quite relieved at that. I am not really looking forward to next week since we will have to deal with the car an insurance companies and all of the not fun stuff. Sigh.

Today I have one of the fun colors that I picked up from Sally when they came out. Finger Paints Psychedelic Sunshine which was part of the Peace Love and Color collection for Summer 2011.

It is a bright glitter pack polish that does remind me of a sunny day. Did I mention I don't like the sun much? lol. I had read a lot of complaints about this polish being really thick and goopy. IT WAS!!! I tried to paint one nail and it was so thick and a pain to work with so I added thinner. Then I added more thinner. After adding even more thinner it was a little bit better. It was ok enough for me to do the mani but it was still on the thick side. I didn't have the patience to add even more thinner so I just dealt with it.

I used two coats in part because I knew there would still be visible nail line if I added more coats and in part because I was tired of dealing with it. I immediately closed the bottle and said it was going to be leaving and the bf said oh well swap it! He is catching on I tell ya! I told him no one would want it especially with it's thickness which is basically why I want nothing to do with it lol.

I showed him my nails when I was done and he said it looked like pee. Um, thanks! I didn't like the color at all last night but they have since grown on me.

I like the glitter. The color is fairly nice and in order to get the pictures to be most color accurate my hands turned very pink so sorry about that lol. The color is slightly lighter than in these pictures.

I figured that since the color grew on me that I would check with the bf again. Still looks like pee he says. I said yes but it is glittery. Apparently it just looks like glittery pee now.

It was quite funny when I realized as I was making a lemon meringue pie that I have lemon colored nails. I am having some chipping issues lately. I actually didn't have any chipping until after I did the baking and clean up but right after I took these pictures it decided it was chipping time. My thumbs actually started chipping earlier today while grocery shopping. I actually think the thumbs are due to the nails bending right where the white begins which causes the chipping.

Here is the pie! My meringue didn't puff up as much as it should have. That was my fault though.

That's all for now :)

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