Thursday, June 9, 2011


You all are probably a wee bit confused. When I started this blog I didn't expect to have more than a couple of my friends as followers. I am so happy to have 27 of you all following my little blog. From the beginning I had thought about doing giveaways and such and recently I had wanted to try my hand at one. The thing is that I honestly don't want a billion followers following me just because I have giveaways because that is not really what the blog is about to me. Followers are great and I really enjoy you all and your comments and I wanted to thank you for being here so I put together this little giveaway I just didn't really announce it was going to happen. It is the first of hopefully more to come.

Since I love to interact with you and I love your comments I did this giveaway based on comments that were posted from May 1, 2011 up until June 8th at about 3pm. Basically I put all the names and comment dates on a spreadsheet like so...

There were 27 comments YAY! I love your comments and always try to respond to them as quick as possible. I actually have a mani coming up with Can't Cheat on Me used for stamping since a couple of you thought it would stamp well. Well I actually had done a mani already but it was the one ruined over the weekend before I had taken pictures. Anyway, I used to chose a random number between 1-27.

And the winner is (drum roll please) #1... SILKE!!!!!!!
I thought it was so fitting that the first commenter won the first giveaway!! I am also amazed because always seems to pick numbers around 18 when I have it pick my mani so I am happy to know that it knows other numbers as well lol.

And now onto the prize!!!!

A bottle of Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Barracuda, a jar of LA Colors Nail Polish Remover pads and a bracelet (made by me)!

I will be emailing you Silke to let you know that you are the first giveaway winner! Congratulations!

Thank you all for following and commenting on my little blog. I really enjoy blogging and love that I have great followers who take the time to come here. Sorry if I am long winded sometimes, I actually don't talk much at work since I only have three co workers and I don't have much to say to them so when I come here I have usually spent most of the day not talking.

That's all for now :)


Wow, it has taken me a year to figure out how to write this here! I love comments! I read them all and try to respond as quickly as I can. Thank you for reading and commenting!