Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Can't Cheat on Me

Hey everyone! I am sooo tired! Big bear dog is having a fit since my dad is off on vacation and last night she decided to act up again. She likes to wake me up at 1am just to be difficult. She doesn't want to go out and doesn't need water or anything yet she will bark until I come downstairs. Sometimes she will go out and then as soon as I lay back down and start to get comfortable here comes the barking again. She would not let up last night and after an hour and four trips down stairs I just gave up and tried to sleep downstairs. It was UNCOMFORTABLE and I barely slept. The last time I looked at the clock it was 3 am. Not to be outdone this morning when I let Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior out of his house he decided it was his job to make as much noise as possible so that I couldn't go back to sleep for a little bit before work. Sigh. These four legged creatures are killing me lol. I was dragging at work today then had to leave early for round two of the dentist so this is a tad bit late.

 Today I have another Essence polish for you called Can't Cheat on Me. You know, I wish you could just say Can't Cheat on Me and have it work lol. I think the name of this polish is funny.

It is a really pretty silver holo. I believe this would be called a scattered holo but I am not great with identifying the difference.

Most of the time it looks silvery. It is a subtle silver and a subtle holo but it is very pretty.

I took tons of pictures of this to try and get the holo to show. Unfortunately it was already dark when I tried and I had to take the pictures inside.

It is sad because I couldn't get the holo to show much.

Also sad because it makes these pictures pretty boring.

This one shows the holo a wee bit more but not much. Sorry guys :(

Hopefully these nails start to grow a bit faster.

I think I want to try stamping with this polish, I am not sure how well it will work but it would be nice if it did.

That's all for now :)


  1. I think it would work well for stamping.

  2. That's a lovely colour! I would love to see how it works out when you use it for stamping :)

  3. Thanks :) Ok you all convinced me :) I will use it for stamping next, I have the colors in mind but now have to think of an image :)


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