Friday, June 10, 2011

Revlon Emerald

Hey Everyone! Well I made it through part one of my root canal yesterday. It wasn't THAT bad at all. My brother went with me which was cool cause he kept me company on the ride but he wasn't really needed. I ended up not going back to work because it was not exactly comfortable and since basically my job is customer service and half my face was numb I didn't think it would be a great idea to be answering calls. I have to go back next week for them to finish the job, something about putting antibiotics in the tooth to make it heal faster and finishing next week.

I had originally intended for today's post to be another Del Sol polish but wouldn't you know the stupid sun would not cooperate. Sunny Florida my behind! I have tried for the past three days to get sun pictures. Yesterday it was cloudy when I got up so I redid my mani (it was chipped like mad from Monday) and figured by the afternoon it would be sunny as usual. UH NO! It was still cloudy in the afternoon and wearing the same polish two days in a row was driving me CRAZY! Not to mention I got some packages yesterday and I was trying not to change my polish so I could get pictures today. This morning I intended on taking pictures but my mani was chipped AND it was cloudy again. I caved and just took the polish off and wouldn't you know by the afternoon it was sunny. Of course! Oh well, what can you do?

Today I have for you Revlon Emerald. I saw swatches of this awhile ago and wanted it but never got it. Then I saw it on clearance at Target and picked it up two or three different times but never bought it. Finally I had a coupon for $1off so I went ahead and bought it. I couldn't pass it up since it was under two bucks. I have a thing with Revlon. I don't necessarily like the brand. I don't know why and I can't really remember having an issue with their polish other than Royal being a streaky beeach. I have a few Revlons but this is the first one I have used.

Revlon Emerald. It is a little brighter in this picture than it is in real life, blame the flash. Since the sun was being a jerk I had to take most of the pictures inside.

This one is also a bit bright because of the flash and outdoor lighting. I used two coats. I had quite an experience this morning with this polish. At first I was impressed because the first four nails applied perfect. The polish is a little thicker than I like but it was looking like a one coater. Then the next two nails were a little streaky and when I tried to even it out it was like the polish was already drying. It was gloopy. By the time I got to my right hand it just didn't go on as easily as it did at first and I gave up on the notion it would be a one coater.

This picture is of course slightly darker and my hands are amazingly sick looking. I did a second coat on all my nails but didn't use a top coat. The main issue was I couldn't find the stupid thing and I was going to be late if I waited any longer. Of course they were shiny when I decided to fore go top coat but lost a little of the shine. They are still pretty shiny though.

I had some issues getting my stuff together for work and though the polish dried pretty fast I still got some dings and nicks. The pinky in the picture above is pretty close to the real color.

For some reason the pinkies are pretty color accurate. I would guess because they are always out there by themselves and don't get the same amount of flash?

You can see the dings mostly on my right hand.

This is the most color accurate of the pictures. I will add a little thinner and try this polish again before I send it packing. It isn't looking good for Revlon though. I already have some mental block against them and this is two polishes now that I am not having good application or much love for. I love the colors but the application is just not making me happy. I think the Finger Paints polish that came out recently in the 13 polish display might be pretty close to this one if my memory serves me correctly. When I get through my organization mission I will pull it out and see how close they are. I have two drawers of the helmer spreadsheeted so I have four more and the overflow bin left. Then we swatch! Yikes!

That's all for now :)

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