Friday, June 17, 2011

The Eagles are Landing and Too Violet

Hey guys!!! It is FRIDAY finally! I would be more excited if I wasn't bogged down with things to do. I was up late last night making more Eagles and watching American Ninja Warrior. It was a marathon so it kept me entertained while I was making the Eagles. My son was fascinated by the show and we watched the marathon up until the final episode which I recorded so we could watch today. I felt bad because he really wanted to watch the last one but I was soooo tired and he was too though he wouldn't admit it. On top of everything else he is now complaining that his back hurts. It is really the side of his back and I of course am paranoid and think it is his kidneys. It seems to be muscle because it hurts when he gets up and moves but I am the overly worried one. I am going to see how it goes and if he isn't better Monday I will make an appointment. Bruce has his checkup today as well. Such a busy day.

I wanted to show you the evil flock that is making me crazy! Well at least half of them. This is a little more than half the order, I have 72 left to make. Considering it took me 3 days to get 78 of them it is seeming like an impossible feat right now. Luckily I enlisted my brother to work the chocolate kitchen today :) Hopefully it puts a small dent in the numbers lol. I pay him in Coke (the soda thank you!) and dinner lol. He was thrilled when I texted him this morning letting him know there was a nice bottle of coke sitting in the fridge for him.

A close up of the Eagle.

To make up for my frazzled postings and rant from yesterday I have an awesome polish for you today with lots of pictures! I found this at my favorite dusty beauty supply. They had one bottle and I found it in a rack I had never noticed before. Once I saw it I searched for more but it was the lone survivor. I have to go back and see if they have anything out now. They are really good at letting their racks get really really empty before putting stuff out. I haven't been in awhile so I am due to check in on them. Unfortunately for my wallet every time I go there I find something I MUST have, usually more than one something lol.

This is Color Club Too Violet. It was a mini bottle and my only wish was that they either had more or bigger bottles.

It is a light violet polish with TONS of holo glitter. OF COURSE the day I wore this the sun was playing hide and seek with me on the way home from work. It is really really sparkly even in low light and the office lighting. Much more sparkly in real life than what the camera could pick up.

A few of these pictures were taken without flash just to show how sparkly it was but I can't remember which ones they were. Sorry about that.

Either way it is really pretty.

I think I used two coats. I promise I will be back on the ball after I get these Eagles done and things settle down again.

For whatever reason my ring finger looks really dirty under the nail. There was some visible nail line but the sparkles made it worth dealing with. I assure you my nails were clean.

I just like this picture. I know it is blurry but I think it looks cool.

Another cool shot. I was trying to get all the glitter to show but of course the camera couldn't capture what I was seeing.

This baby did eat top coat though. I used a nice generous layer of Gelous and the brat still didn't come out smooth. It was odd though because only some nails were bumpy and others were almost smooth. I probably should have used another coat but I was too lazy.

I love this polish and need more like it!

That's all for now :)

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  1. You might check Victoria Nail Supply; I got some full-size CC glitters from them a while back, including Too Violet.


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