Monday, June 27, 2011

Absolutely Alice is Absolutely Awesome

I wish I was more excited about it being Monday but I am very much not. Tonight we will have another house guest but this time it will be a big white greyhound named Dudley. The air conditioning in his house is broken and he has a skin condition that makes it very hard for him to stay in the heat so he will be staying over. The bf brought him home at lunch to make sure he didn't try and eat Bruce and I guess things were calm enough because he is officially staying. That is about the excitement of my day. Oh and Shawn Michaels will be on Monday Night Raw tonight. The bf and my son like to watch wrestling and Shawn Michaels is one of the wrestlers who has been around for a long time. He actually retired last year but before he did I had a great time with his entrance song because I think it is the funniest thing ever. They have little wrestling dolls, um, I mean action figures, that play the wrestlers song and every time I see one of his dolls I have to play the song a couple of times. Sadly the dolls don't play the whole song. Anyway, he will be on the show tonight so I will get to hear the song lol. The strangest things amuse me.

When the Alice in Wonderland Collection came out it was right before I was really back into polish again and I missed it. Sadly. I found Alice in Wonderland on a blog sale for an amazing deal and had to buy it of course. I have had it for a few months before deciding to finally wear it Saturday. I thought it would be a good car mani. I meant to take pictures of it in the sun while in the car but I thought I had left my camera at home. Of course I found it, IN MY PURSE, when I got home Saturday night. DUH! I swear I didn't see it in there when I looked. I think it is time for a smaller purse. I only have inside shots for you today but this baby is insanely bright and sparkly in the sun. It was crazy how awesome it is.

OPI Absolutely Alice. You can see my thumb nail had a chipping issue. Actually most of my nails had an issue and by the time we made it home that night my left hand was almost completely naked. It looked like I tried a funky french because the tips were the only part of my nails that were polished. I am totally not understanding what is up with my polish lately. Today's mani is already chipped on one nail too and I am wrapping tips and using the same base/top coat as usual. I know my thumbs and the weak nails bend and the polish tend to chip there but I shortened my thumbs a bit to try and combat that.

I managed to keep the right hand mostly in tact so I could take pictures of it. As you can see my thumb didn't make it.

Glitter tends to chip and peel on me really easily so I wasn't completely surprised but it is still aggravating.

Gorgeous polish and I will have to wear it again to get some sun pictures for you. I refuse to even look and see what other polishes were in this collection.

I actually didn't really see what the huge deal was with this polish at first. I mean I love the shade of blue and it looks pretty but I didn't get it until I saw it in the sun.

Such a pretty color.

That's all for now :)


  1. I was getting back into nail polish at that point, but wasn't really into OPI and didn't know where to look and ending up missing out. I found 2 bottles of Absolutely Alice at a salon in February and grabbed them both!

  2. I don't have backups (only accidental backups lol) but if I ran across this one I would definitely snatch it up! That was a great score you found.

  3. So pretty.

    You received the sunshine award:


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