Monday, June 13, 2011

Electric Pineapple n Outta Sight Orange

Good Day everyone!  I am so glad I didn't attempt another Del Sol today since it looks like it wants to storm. There was actually sun this morning but I have been so tired and busy doing other things I would not have gotten the chance to take pictures. It's been one heck of a weekend and this week seems like it is going to continue in it's stressful, sleepless, hectic pattern. I will do my best to keep up!

Yesterday the bf and my father intended to make a 18 hour drive (9 each way) to drop off a dog that needed to be transported to Virginia. It sounded easy until the car broke down, they were given the wrong address and had to wait an extra two hours for the guy to come to pick the dog up from them and then drove back with a car that wasn't running right. It ended up being a 24 hour trip and I ended up not sleeping much. I am a nervous one so I worried all day and night and would fall asleep for a little bit and then wake up and text to make sure they were still awake and on the road. It was quite a stressful day. My son and I played some games, watched some movies and made cookies which was mostly relaxing but the stress still got to me. This morning I ran him to music camp and then the cat to the vet for his procedure then accepted an order for 150 lollipops for THIS SATURDAY! That is insane and I have no idea how I am going to manage especially after realizing I also have Part 2 of my root canal this week. It should be fun. :)

While I am mostly sane I will show you this mani real quick. I really don't like colors that absolutely refuse to photograph correctly. China Glaze Electric Pineapple is one such color. I must say though that this color is kinda weird to begin with. It is the color you would get if you used a yellow highlighter over green ink and it bled onto the highlighter so the next few times you highlight something it is a greenish yellow. I like the color but getting it on camera was not working well.

I love odd colors like this. Left is China Glaze Electric Pineapple and right is Finger Paints Outta Sight Orange.

I used the flower design from my Shany plate BM12 to stamp. Originally I wanted to do orange on white but I thought this might look cool. You will notice my pinky on my left hand has some extra green stamping that I attempted but the green was so light you couldn't see it so I only did it on that finger. You can ignore it :)

I used three coats of Electric Pineapple. It is quite streaky and uneven in application. Pretty much like other neons I have encountered. I had some issues with this one but nothing that would keep me from attempting it again. The color is a bit brighter than this picture shows.

I used Outta Sight Orange for the stamping which I was concerned about. I thought it might not work but I guess because the glitter is so tiny it cooperated. It stamped really nicely and I love the colors together.

I think this color might be similar to OPI Fiercely Fiona or so I have heard. I haven't gotten my hands on that one yet so I can't compare but it is unlike anything else I have.

It was quite a fun mani and reminded me of a couch pattern or something.

I need to work on centering the image on my nail. There was one nail that I really liked the placement of the image but I couldn't duplicate it. Duh for me.

I think Electric Pineapple would be a great summer pedi color as well. I think I might try that one next.

I have a couple Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior pictures too. He keeps getting his new collar off but the weird thing is I will find it laying completely flat. I wasn't so surprised that he got it off but I am still wondering how he not only got it off but un hooked it and flattened it out.

My son took these pictures last night. He was playing photographer. Unfortunately I didn't vacuum before this picture lol sorry about the crazy looking carpet. He loves that toy! The best part is I got it for super cheap at the pet store on clearance. He hears that thing jingle and comes running.

His surgery went well today. The doctor says he thinks this should clear up the problem but we will have to monitor it closely. It could be an infection he isn't catching and the antibiotics aren't clearing up but he is hopeful that this will do it. Right now Bruce is resting and waiting for us to pick him up around 5pm. He will have stitches and probably not be a happy kitty for a couple days but then again knowing him he will be fine by tomorrow. I hope they feed him the poor baby is probably starving. He wasn't allowed to eat after 4am and was not happy about that this morning. He is quite the cranky boy when he wants food. Saturday after his appointment (I hadn't fed him before in case they had to do anything to him) he ate almost a whole can of food (they are small cans but still) and still wanted more. Little piglet.

That's all for now :)


  1. Fun mani! I have hope that someday someone will invent a camera that isn't so puzzled by certain colors.

    There was something on your carpet other than Mr. Bruce kitty? I didn't notice. :)

  2. Yes I agree, a camera needs to be invented, I should tell my brother to work on this. He is always making things.

    Ah the great thing about the cute kitty is he takes all the attention away from the fuzzies and stray bits of litter that the camera caught. lol.

  3. 2nd, all I saw was Bruce and his toy. What's this about you making lollipops?

  4. lol thank you for not noticing ;) Yes I make chocolate lollipops, they are about to cause me a mental breakdown though.


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