Friday, June 24, 2011

Yasmeen, Trixie and Swatchscicles

Hey Everyone! What a day! I thought work was rough since I spent most of the day without air conditioning because I was printing up some stuff. I had the ac in the office set to 90 degrees and it STILL turned on so it was pretty hot! The bf got the ticket for his fender bender because he was not allowed to make a left turn at the place he did. It would not have been his fault otherwise. There is no sign or markings that indicate no left turn so he will be fighting it in court. Luckily no one was hurt and that is the important part. Unfortunately his bumper is pretty messed up as are his headlights. The one that actually got hit by the other car is obviously dead but the bumper was pushed up and messed up the other one. I am mentally exhausted at this point.

I finally got the pictures edited and have them ready for you. I have not only a nail of the day but I also have an update on my organizing project and a cute Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior picture.

I used Zoya Yasmeen as a base and Trixie for stamping. I used two coats of Yasmeen.

I used my Shany plate B70 for stamping. I used the center butterfly image.

Yasmeen is a really pretty color. I actually ordered it mostly for the name. My cousin named one of her daughters Yasmeen and so I had to get it. I love the color though and am quite glad I got it. I have to actually tell her about the polish next time I talk to her.

As usual with Zoya I had no issues with application at all.

Something about this polish is just stunning. I don't know if it is the shine or the color or depth but I was pretty impressed with the fact that it kept catching my attention.

Trixie was awesome to stamp with. The color is so bright and made the image really clear. This might be my go to silver stamping polish.

I was working on my swatchscicles today at work and I don't know if it was all the tape or the process but I got a chip really early on in the day. I also noticed my thumb nail is trying to break along the side. SIGH. I should not have said anything about my nails getting long.

This is my ButterBeer Mug O Swatchscicles.

Last night I was able to get my fourth drawer of my helmer on my spreadsheet. While I had it out I decided to swatch all of my Zoyas. I have 32. This morning I took all the swatchscicles I had made to this point to work and made little labels for them because my writing wasn't the best. I actually just printed it all on a sheet of paper and cut them out and then taped them to the stick. It was a lot of work but I like the way it came out. I only have 65 polishes swatched so far. I have quite a ways to go lol.

These are some that I had swatched previously. Catherine Arleys, OPIs, P2s, Eyeko, Sally Hansen and Teeez.

Others I had swatched. ArtDeco, Golden Rose, Nubar, Catrice, Essence.

And all of the Zoyas together.

Last but not least a picture of Bruce coming after my hand because Bruce pictures cheer me up :)

That's all for now :)

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