Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fuzzies Spam

Hey Everyone! I don't have a mani for you today since I spent all of the morning/early afternoon at the vet with Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior. Yes, that is his official name and the girls at the vet's office laugh when they say it. He has been having his urinating issues again and had to be seen. Poor little guy was much worse than we thought. The doctor thinks the scar tissue built up way too much and way too thick and actually almost completely closed him up again. Unfortunately for Bruce Kittlee he had to have a little incision made for the time being. He is on antibiotics and goes back on Monday for another procedure to try and correct the issue for good.

The positive news is that the bf spoke with someone at his job who has a cat with the same issues and the surgery corrected it. The bad news is they already did this surgery once nad it didn't work obviously. Between the cat and the kids music camp I am looking at selling off organs soon. lol.

Since I have been running around and tending to a very drugged cat I haven't had time to take and edit mani pictures. The sun is also gone now and it is threatening rain. I will try and get some good pictures tonight but if not tomorrow I will have plenty of time.

Here is little Bruce Kittlee with his new collar. I got it for him so we could hear him because he tried to escape twice when the front door was opened. He spent a good thirty minutes trying to get the bell that was hanging around his neck which was quite entertaining. More entertaining was watching him this afternoon. He is still not completely with it but the poor guy was so drugged he was misjudging distance and stuff.

This is Leroy. The lady that the bf works with saw this little guy running the street on her way to work and tried to get him and he actually got rolled over by a car. He was a little shaken up but totally fine. He didn't have a collar or anything and since her dogs tried to eat him he got to stay the night with us.

I can say I am not looking forward to having a puppy anytime soon lol. He was quite the handful. Bruce hated him and hisses and wanted him gone and he was very eager to play with Bruce. My other dogs were not thrilled with his presence either. The middle one went and hid all night and the old one was very very annoyed with him. The baby and big bear was ok with him for most of the night then she grew tired of him.

This is her trying to get away from his attack. Luckily he settled down and slept the night. His owners called and he was returned safely. He was a sweet boy but quite the hyper puppy.

That's all for now :)


  1. Oh, my poor little Bruce Moose!

  2. Bruce Moose is doing a lot better today! He is back to biting noses.

  3. aw thanks :) they love the attention lol


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