Thursday, September 29, 2011

No post today :(

Hey everyone!!

Well I have had quite a horrible day and don't feel up to posting anything so I am not going to. For those of you that aren't on the nail board I will explain.

The bf found a box of five abandoned kittens on the front step of the adoption office at his job. There is a sign that clearly says the hours are Saturday and Sunday. Luckily he went over there for something because otherwise they wouldn't have been found for a LONG while. Only two were alive when he found them and he took them to the vet. The little black one was pretty feisty and doing well and the orange one was not so good. The vet gave the orange one a shot and said they both looked pretty good and they should be ok. Unfortunately when he was leaving work to go get them food he noticed the black one was not doing well. He rushed him to the vet but he didn't make it. The vet told him to get the orange one food immediately which he did and he was doing ok. We had him at home and were trying to keep him warm and take care of him but he didn't make it either. :'( They were only a couple of days old. 

I won't even get into how much I hate people and wish the jackasses that did this nothing but the worst. WHY would they not take them to an animal hospital or even the humane society. SOMEWHERE that there were doctors and people that could help them instead of leaving them on the doorstep of a DOG KENNEL for God knows how long. To say I am upset and pissed off is quite an understatement. I really hate people.

In nail news my cuticles are TORE up and hurt and red and cut and just not nice. I decided to bust out my Sally Hansen nail strips since I really don't want to mess with acetone or anything for a couple of days. I will have my nail strips post for you probably Saturday since I have one more mani lined up for you before then. We will see how these strips hold up.

That's all for now 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Holy Moly Tony Moly Mars

Hey Everyone!! Happy Hump Day! Right now is one of those times that I wish I was a kid in school still because tomorrow is a teacher planning day. YAY no school. Unfortunately the only bearing that has on me is having to find something for my son to do all day while I am at work. Oh well. It is one day closer to Friday at least.

I decided today to show you the lovely broken nail though I didn't put as many pictures of my left hand in. My cuticles are all torn up right now and they HURT so I didn't want to sit here cropping and watermarking pictures longer than I had to. I am really unsure of why my cuticles started this rebellion but it is really not cool at all. A few of them are worse than others but I am blaming the Nail Quencher cream lol. I have no idea how to make them better but I am open to suggestions :)

Today I have a Korean nail polish for you from the brand Tony Moly. HOLY MOLY Tony Moly is AH...MAZ...ING!!! This is from the Galaxy Collection and is called GT03 also known as Mars. I actually picked this one because I told my son to pick a planet and out of the ones I named he came up with Mars. 

I used 2 coats. This baby is PERFECT for fall. I love it! 

This one is blurred to show you the beautiful glittery goodness. There is red, orange and gold in there I believe. SO SO PRETTY!

In the sun light. The first coat was thin and patchy but the second covered all that up.

It was pretty fast drying, faster than I anticipated. It looked somewhat matte like when it was dry. Not very shiny but top coat sure fixed that.

I had to use two coats of Seche Vite because it was pretty rough with just one.

I love it! It was a typical glitter when it comes to removal. I used the foil method which worked great. I need to get the others from this collection. I got this one on Ebay. 

And here is my Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior saying goodbye :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It is a Merry Midnight!

Hey Everyone!!!! Is it Friday yet? lol I have tons of pictures for you today so I better get to it. I think there is something I wanted to post about but I have forgotten now so I guess it wasn't too important.

I had a nice little break that started the nubblett stage that I am currently in. The nail broke so bad it left me with no choice but to cut it off.

So this is where the sad story begins.

I tried to cheer myself up with the gorgeous OPI Merry Midnight that was given to me by my amazing friend Silke.

It is just as amazing as I have always heard. I used 3 coats.

I didn't want to scar your eyes any more than I already did so I did the nub.

My cuticles started going nuts at this point as well. I was just thinking about it today and I have been using Sally Hansen Nail Quenchers Cuticle cream here and there at work. Since the polish did nothing but cause peelies I was wondering if perhaps the cream was causing my cuticles to freak out.

You are safe now, this is the good hand.

Merry Midnight is insanely gorgeous and I can see what all the hype is about.

I would like this in Blue and Green please!

Sigh, my nails were getting so long too.

Some sun shots.

So pretty!

Ok over on the new nail board it is theme week! This week is Space week and Monday was Galaxy nails. This is my sad fail of a Galaxy.

The thumb looks better than the rest but not like a Galaxy.

For some reason two of my fingers had crazy cracks like on my index finger. I have no idea what happened. They were fine when I went to sleep. I might give up on the Space themed nails...

And I leave you with Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior all ready for bed. :)

That's all for now :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Call you Later?

Hey Everyone!! Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior just bit my lip lol. I don't think he wanted to blog with me tonight. It was quite a gray and rainy Monday but I was in quite a good mood after the weekend football scores and should probably check to see if I actually won any of my fantasy football games. 

My nails are so long in these pictures, sniff, sniff. They are little nubbletts tonight and I am not thrilled with them. I am going to attempt some nail art tonight but I am not very optimistic since I have lost a lot of room to work with on them. The good news about it is that I am going to see how well the grow out with the strengthener I picked up recently. I was starting to see them get stronger before they all went to hell so hopefully they can grow out strong now.

I have a Sinful Colors polish for you tonight that I have had for awhile now. 

Sinful Call you Later. I used 2 coats for this mani. I also wanted to see how it would look with a matte accent nail. I bet you can't tell which one is matte.

I asked the boys if they saw any difference in the nails and it took them quite a long time to figure out which one was different.

It was actually quite funny because they were guessing crazy things like this finger has more green or that finger has yellow.

Boys! They finally figured out that one was not as shiny as the others.

I used two coats of Hard Candy Matte topcoat on the ring finger.

It wasn't very noticeable and I wasn't thrilled with it.

I really like Call you Later though. 

It is a great mix of green and gold glitter in a clear base. I love greens almost as much as I love blues.

That's all for now :) 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior for You

Hey Everyone!!! I had a couple of unfortunate breaks yesterday and now my nails are all nubs :( Two of them are super nubs. I am not very happy with it but hey, it happens. Right now I am at the stage where the first few days they feel weird and sensitive. I am not enjoying them and don't really feel like painting them so they are naked. At least a good chunk of the stained nail is gone! I have some manis lined up to show you but today I am just going to show you some Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior. I am not in the best of moods and Bruce cheers me up so I hope you enjoy :)

He likes looking outside. We don't let him out because our neighborhood is too busy and crazy but enjoys watching the outside world.

I was doing laundry and he looked too cute sitting there.

This is one of my favorite pictures.

He is king of the world up there.

This little toy I got on clearance and he LOVES it! He will carry it around and drag the pole behind him. It is funny.

He loves that toy.

That's all for now :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do you have Mossy Britches?

Hey Everyone!!!! I am so excited! I just posted the giveaway winners! Congratulations to the two lovely ladies who won my first giveaway! I am so excited it went to bloggers as well, I can't wait to see what they do with the decals. 

It is getting rather late so I am going to make this post short. It is short but it has tons of pictures because I LOVE this polish. I love colors like this!

I started the mani with Nina Ultra Pro in Mossy Britches. I got this from a blog sale though it is said to be dupey to China Glaze Peace on Earth which I already own. I will do a comp when I get a chance but I love the color so I don't mind having both.

I used two coats of Mossy Britches. This was a possible one coater BUT the brush is wonky as heck and was giving me all sorts of troubles. The fan was also on which didn't help matters at all. It had great coverage though so I am thinking that with a normal brush you could pull off one coat. 

I used a coat of Cult Nails Always Winning on my ring finger. The two looked great together.

Except this hand of course. I messed up my ring finger somehow. 

Please excuse my cuticles. I don't know what happened but they started revolting and having a fit. They are still being little brats but at least the one is not red and inflamed and painful anymore. I have no idea what got into them.

I really like this color. I had this mani on when I went to the dentist and she stopped to ask me what it was mid cavity filling. She was so funny, she said I come there every time with all these great colors and she was LOVING this one. I would give it to her when I go back for my cleaning but the brush is way too wonky. 

I think I was feeling bad OR very overly tired because I usually change my mani every night and that night I did not. I can't remember why (yes I know it was only days ago but still) but the point is I didn't change it so I had to change it up a little the next day. 

I used Sephora Brownie which looks way too dark in these pictures and used tape to do my tips.

I couldn't get pictures to show that Brownie was actually brown, all the pictures are showing it as a VERY dark brown. I guess it is but I still wanted you to see the brown.

I finally got the last picture to show it :) 

That's all for now :)

LuckyStarStyle Giveaway WINNERS!!!!!

I am so excited to announce the winners of the LuckyStarStyle Giveaway. Once again I want to give a BIG thanks to Lori over at LuckyStarStyle  for sponsoring this awesome giveaway. 

Now for the good stuff. The winners have been contacted and have responded so here they are:

The winner of Group #1 is Ms ICEQUEEN from Ice Queen's Nail Parlour

Group #1 includes Monarch Butterflies, 2 Crossed Candy Canes, Heart with Flowers and Scrolls and Halloween Kitty Cat on Pumpkin


The winner of Group #2 is  Sarah from Polish and Gloss

Group # 2 includes Fall Autumn Leaves, Christmas Silver Snowflakes, Holiday Christmas Snowman Scarf and Yellow Sunflowers

I hope you both enjoy the decals :) 

Thank you all for participating. I am hoping to have another giveaway coming up soon. :)

and once again 
Thank you Lori!!!