Monday, September 12, 2011

Is This Really a Scenestealer?

Hey Everyone!! Ahhh Monday Night Football is on (I HATE the Miami Dolphins) and I am a happy camper. It has been a long day and I am tired. The boy had band tonight and then homework and is just getting ready for bed so I have a chance to jump on the computer. Tomorrow night we are going to see a Beatles tribute duo (they aren't a band really) that plays down here. I have seen them before and they are really good so I am excited. I am going to try and get some photos edited tonight so I can do tomorrow's post at work since I won't be home till late.

Today I have a polish for you I bought on a whim one day. I was naked and trolling CVS when I remembered I had somewhere to be that night. I think it was the Band Parents meeting but I am not sure. In any case my stained naked nails were not acceptable and I saw this one and thought it was pretty cool. There wasn't anything else that caught my eye that day.

This was in a display and of their Limited Edition Fall colors from the In the Spotlight collection. It is a nice gunmetal blue gray called Scenestealer Gray. 

I used two coats with this polish and did my nails in the car. I used one of the LA Colors nail wipes wrapped around an orange stick for cleanup. It didn't work as well as I wanted to especially since I didn't have a top coat. It wiped a bit of the polish off near the cuticles which you can see in some pictures.

I found this polish very brush strokey and I probably could have used a third coat. I didn't have time since I did this right before work so I left it at two.

If I had to make a decision based on the first application I would let this one go somewhere. Anywhere. I didn't like the brush strokes and the color didn't wow me. 

I wanted to like it. I wanted it to be one of those finds that are amazing and you didn't mean to make. 

I will give it another try when I have time to actually sit down and do a good mani. 

Actually looking at these pictures I am liking the color more than I did. Perhaps I was just having a difficult day. 

That's all for now :)

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