Monday, September 19, 2011

Chinchilly Dots

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So it is Monday. Captain Obvious here! It is a blah Monday, work is slow and I am tired and wishing it was still the weekend. At least there is Monday Night Football tonight. I am very excited about the giveaway though. :)

Today I have for you a nice Dotticure I did a bit ago. It is great because my nails are growing in these pictures. The bf's car assassinated one yesterday and it looks like a mutant nub now. I was and am still quite hostile about it. I absolutely refuse to shorten the others so quite frankly the world is going to have to deal with mutant nub. I have finally gotten them to grow. I am going to apologize already for the pictures that will be taken with mutant nub. It is sad too because it is on my left hand which usually comes out nicer than my right so I can't NOT photograph it.

For this Mani I used 3 coats of Essie Chinchilly.

I used Nubar Hot Blue, Misa Never Say Never and Dirty Sexy Money for the dots.

This manicure is what prompted me to purchase a set of dotting tools that came with various size tips. Originally I wanted to do a little different design but all the dots were coming out the same size. Don't ask me what made me think that I would be able to make different size dots with one size tool.

The way I took this picture made the nails look very dark. I almost excluded this picture but somehow it ended up here anyway.

Chinchilly was extremely sheer, thin and watery. Two coats gave it decent coverage but I needed 3 to get rid of most of the visible nail line. I don't like visible nail line.

I really liked the combination of colors and it took a lot for me to leave this as just an accent nail. I think I was tired and that was my excuse. I knew if started doing all my nails with dots I would want to go to sleep and end up with half of them done and it would not have been cute.

My new dotting tools came in so I think I will be playing with them again soon.

There is something about polka dots I love. Maybe because I like Polka music? Yeah, probably not.

My hands look very white and ghostly in these pictures.

Hey look the dots match my pen too :)

That's all for now :)


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