Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Houston's Favorite and My Milkyway

Hey Everyone!!! I have a killer inflamed cuticle and now the same finger has what is almost like a cramp in it. It hurts to bend it and is quite annoying. Can I just say Neosporin with the pain relief magic in it is AH MAZ ING! I slathered some of this miracle stuff on and my cuticle no longer hurts :) I think I had gotten some of the tomato sauce from dinner in it and it was burning but after a little bit of Neosporin I forget it was even there. My cuticles are revolting right now and I have three very unhappy fingers. They did get me out of doing the dishes though lol. I am not sure what I did to anger them but boy oh boy they are enraged.

I am feeling quite chipper tonight since today was my LAST dentist appointment. I have another cleaning coming up but as far as the dental work is concerned I am finally DONE!!! I am doing a happy dance. Unfortunately the bf now gets to go be tortured. There is always something going on here.

I am quite excited about a giveaway that I am going to have coming up too. More details on that will be coming soon :) 

This post is going to be a bit short and basic because my darling son is trying my patience with his current event that is due tomorrow. Yup, he once again waited until the last minute and then wrote a horribly incoherent sad excuse of a paragraph. He has rewritten it three times already and it still makes no sense. I was a mega nerd and quite the long winded writer (I guess that hasn't changed much) so homework was never an issue. I was blessed with a child that hates school, will do anything to avoid homework and would be completely elated if he could get away with sentences that consisted of two words. He is exhausting. 

Today I have a gorgeous polish for you from the Catrice Out of Space Limited Edition collection released earlier this year. Houston's Favorite is a gorgeous teal with awesome shimmer and is slightly duochrome. Very slightly. It is really stunning and I loved it immediately.

Catrice My Milkyway according to Catrice is a Color Changing Top Coat. I have yet to use it as a full top coat but it looked amazing when I used it to add dots to this manicure. It has a pink, purple shimmer.

One of the best things about Houston's Favorite is that it was ONE coat. I used a thick coat but still one coat is awesome. 

I was excited to use my new dotting tool and can't wait to do more dot manis.

Such a pretty polish! I spent a lot of time looking at my nails.

These first pictures are with flash because it was storming. 

I couldn't get the sun to come out much and when it did I wasn't able to go out and take pictures.

These next pictures are in regular lighting. It was not incredibly sunny but I was able to get a couple pictures without flash.

I love the dots but I am not sure how well I will like My Milkyway as a top coat.

I haven't done pictures of fuzzies in awhile so I have a few for you today. I will have more soon I just have to upload them and stuff. This is Twiggy. She is gorgeous. She was our house guest for a few hours. She posed for me.

I have been wanting to get Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior one of those kitty towers but they are sooo expensive. We took some boxes and cut holes in them so he had something to play in. He likes them! He was hanging out in his box falling asleep when I snapped this picture.

It woke him up a bit. He is getting so big now. He goes for his neutering on Friday. He is not going to be a happy camper. He hates Dr. Henry with a passion. I am guessing those feelings will be intensified after Friday's visit.

That's all for now :)


  1. Such pretty polishes! Love the furry pics--the side eye from Bruce is too cute. :)

  2. Sounds like a very interesting evening;) Do I proof a little irony or is it sarcasm already;) It's so nice to be a mom!
    Anyway, your mani is beautiful and Twiggy is gorgeous. We have those kitty play houses, too:)


  3. Thanks Karen! Bruce says thank you! He is in a good mood tonight, tomorrow I am guessing he won't be.

    Silke the boy makes me crazy!!!! Tonight once again he only had "a little bit of homework" which is not ending well. Twiggy is a pretty girl and very sweet. We almost got him a "real" play house but the line was too long. He likes his boxes so we will keep them lol. I really want to get him a tower but they are soo expensive.


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