Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do you have Mossy Britches?

Hey Everyone!!!! I am so excited! I just posted the giveaway winners! Congratulations to the two lovely ladies who won my first giveaway! I am so excited it went to bloggers as well, I can't wait to see what they do with the decals. 

It is getting rather late so I am going to make this post short. It is short but it has tons of pictures because I LOVE this polish. I love colors like this!

I started the mani with Nina Ultra Pro in Mossy Britches. I got this from a blog sale though it is said to be dupey to China Glaze Peace on Earth which I already own. I will do a comp when I get a chance but I love the color so I don't mind having both.

I used two coats of Mossy Britches. This was a possible one coater BUT the brush is wonky as heck and was giving me all sorts of troubles. The fan was also on which didn't help matters at all. It had great coverage though so I am thinking that with a normal brush you could pull off one coat. 

I used a coat of Cult Nails Always Winning on my ring finger. The two looked great together.

Except this hand of course. I messed up my ring finger somehow. 

Please excuse my cuticles. I don't know what happened but they started revolting and having a fit. They are still being little brats but at least the one is not red and inflamed and painful anymore. I have no idea what got into them.

I really like this color. I had this mani on when I went to the dentist and she stopped to ask me what it was mid cavity filling. She was so funny, she said I come there every time with all these great colors and she was LOVING this one. I would give it to her when I go back for my cleaning but the brush is way too wonky. 

I think I was feeling bad OR very overly tired because I usually change my mani every night and that night I did not. I can't remember why (yes I know it was only days ago but still) but the point is I didn't change it so I had to change it up a little the next day. 

I used Sephora Brownie which looks way too dark in these pictures and used tape to do my tips.

I couldn't get pictures to show that Brownie was actually brown, all the pictures are showing it as a VERY dark brown. I guess it is but I still wanted you to see the brown.

I finally got the last picture to show it :) 

That's all for now :)


  1. Good Morning Julie:) Mossy Britches is gorgeous!!!!

  2. HI SILKE!!! It is evening there now so Good Evening :) It is!! It is one of my favorites now lol

  3. I love this!! That green is so gorgeous, I'm definitely very into colors like this lately.

  4. thanks Emily. I am loving these colors too! Anything Military green like has been catching my eye a lot.


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