Monday, September 19, 2011

LuckyStarStyle Giveaway!!


 Can you tell I am excited? This is my first official, real, and sponsored giveaway!! I have done a couple of giveaways in the past but usually I don't announce it and just use comments left on the blog for a certain period of time as the entry. This giveaway we are doing complete with entry form and obviously I am announcing it. I don't have a lot of requirements for the giveaway just be a follower and submit the form which is pretty simple. I don't want to gain a ton of followers just because I do a giveaway so there are no extra entries for letting the world know and boosting my number of followers. I did think it was important to give my first followers a little credit and thank you so I decided that if you are already a public follower (cause really if you aren't a public follower I don't know you are there unfortunately) at this time I will give you an extra entry if you enter. I have a list of all 43 of you so fear not, I know who you are. Aside from the bonus entry that I will enter it is one entry per person.

Now for the goods! You have seen my reviews and my raves about how awesome Lori over at LuckyStarStyle is and because she is so amazing she sent me lots of goodies and was super excited that I used them for this giveaway. THANK YOU LORI!!! Now because I love Lori and her decals I would love for you all to check out her shop and would really love if you spread the word about the giveaway so we can get her some traffic. Go Forth and check it out my people, I will wait while you do!

Ok, now that you are back we can continue. Lori sent me 8 amazing sets of decals for the giveaway. I want to spread the love as much as possible so I am splitting them into two groups and we will have two winners!!! YAY!!! I just decided this and I already made the entry form so please indicate in the comment section which group you prefer if you are the winner. I will draw the winner and they will have their choice of group and the second winner will receive the other group. If I don't hear from you within 24 hours the second winner will become the first winner and a new name will be drawn and we will go from there. The giveaway will be closed Wednesday September 21at 6:00pm. I think that covers all the bases.

This is the lot of them. Let me tell you guys I have had my eye on a few of these for awhile now and they are even better in person. My next order just got a lot bigger.

includes Monarch Butterflies, 2 Crossed Candy Canes, Heart with Flowers and Scrolls and Halloween Kitty Cat on Pumpkin

Monarch Butterflies

2 Crossed Candy Canes

Heart with Flowers and Scrolls

Halloween Kitty Cat on Pumpkin

includes Fall Autumn Leaves, Christmas Silver Snowflakes, Holiday Christmas Snowman Scarf and Yellow Sunflowers

Fall Autumn Leaves

Christmas Silver Snowflakes

Holiday Christmas Snowman Scarf

Yellow Sunflowers

Remember go check out LuckyStarStyle for other amazing nail decals. If you don't see something you like let Lori know and she will get it for you (I bother her a lot with designs that I want but don't see in her store). Enter with the form below, comments left in this post will not count as an entry. Don't forget to let me know which Group you choose. Giveaway closes Wednesday September 21st at 6pm!

A special Thank you to Lori for sponsoring this giveaway :)


  1. OOOH my giveaway form extends into my blog list. Sorry about that, I have no idea how to fix it! I will try and fix that next time :)

  2. Form filled out! After your post the other day about these, I ordered some Vikings--maybe if I wear them this weekend the team will finally get their first win. Or maybe they will suck in the second half again and I will have to order some Lions ones to wear instead. :)

    As for the size of the form, you should be able to edit the width of it--somewhere in the bit of code you pasted from GoogleDocs there should be something like width="760". You can change that 760 to something smaller to narrow the form. On my template, I usually use something around 390. But since the form and the blog list still shows even though overlapped maybe experiment with this next time. :)

  3. YAY!!! I really had high hopes that McNabb would kick butt and show up both Washington and Philly. I hope they get it together and start running over people. My dad has always been a Lions fan (he was born in Detroit) so I have a soft spot for them and always hope they do well.

    Thanks, I will play with the settings next time. I was so excited about the giveaway that I didn't notice util I put it together and posted it and didnt want to go back and risk messing it all up lol.

  4. Thanks so much for the giveaway!


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