Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Found the Fountain of Youth

Hey Everyone!! I am happy to announce that the winners for the LuckyStarStyle Giveaway have been chosen and notified. Both winners have 24 hours to respond with their address information and as soon as I hear back I will make the announcement. Thank you all for participating and of course for following my little blog. I am working on another giveaway for the near future. 

Last night was such a late night with open house running until 9pm that I am really tired today. I had my dentist appointment and am extremely happy to say that there was no drilling or filling or speak of the evil root canal (for now). Hopefully the pain goes away and I only aggravated a tooth that was worked on and has some sensitive areas. Keep your fingers crossed for me because I told them all that the R word does not exist in my vocabulary any longer lol. 

Tonight I have Misa Fountain of Youth for your enjoyment. Fountain of Youth is from the Spring Wishes collection. I got this one from a blog sale since I can never find Misa polishes around here. 

I used 2 coats for this mani. The first one was quite streaky and uneven and the second one evened it out pretty well.

I probably could have used a third coat but I left it at two. This polish dries to a satin like finish. I used top coat because I always do but it looked pretty interesting without it.

I didn't keep it as is for long. I wasn't feeling the light color.

It is a pretty color with a very interesting finish but when in doubt add some crack.

Unfortunately I used OPI Silver Shatter which blended with this polish WAY too much. 

Fountain of Youth is so pale that you could hardly see it through the cracks.

Silver Shatter took over. It also didn't do much for taking pictures since it kept reflecting the flash.

I liked this mani a little better with the Silver Shatter but not much.

I think it might have looked better with Black Shatter or maybe one of those metallic China Glaze crackles that I don't own.

That's all for now :)

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