Friday, September 9, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Hey Everyone!! Happy Friday night :) I am personally glad it is Friday and I can relax. It has been a long week despite it being a short week. I don't have much planned for the weekend but I am thinking I might do a massive clean up effort in the boy's room tomorrow. Then again I might take one step in the door and change my mind lol.

Today I have for you another mani using some water slide decals I got from Lori over at Lucky Star Style. I ordered these decals for football season. Since I am a football fanatic I was so excited and of course couldn't wait for the first game of the season. I used them for the first of my four Fantasy Football drafts. I am excited to do another football mani for this Sunday.

I got the NY Giants decals because my bf loves the Giants. They have sort of become my second team since I watch them so much. They always seem to be on tv here.

My team is the Bills. I have been a HUGE Bills fan for years and years and despite living in Miami I rock my Bills gear all of the time.

For the draft mani I used both team logos and then did my other fingers as footballs. It looked a lot cuter when the macro didn't show me every awful mistake I made. I had some issues with the white which will be quite evident on some pictures below. The ring finger got messed up on something and I tried to cover it with more white. Macro makes it look a lot worse than it did in person.

After the last decal wrinkling issue I emailed Lori and she suggested I use a lot less water so this time I was prepared. I used a very lightly dampened paper towel and the decals worked perfectly. I held the towel on the decals for a few seconds and they slid right off. I had absolutely no issues with wrinkling.

I didn't get a chance to take pictures right away so please excuse the chips on some of the nails.

I had wanted to make the nails with the decals look like helmets but that failed and I had to redo them. I should have reversed the images and put the larger Giants decal on my larger ring finger. I am still working out the kinks.

I loved this mani and was so excited to have my team on my nails.

No one else noticed them at the draft but then again they are all men so that is to be expected. It is ok though, I enjoyed them.

Now I have to think of different designs for game days.

My thumbs were footballs. This one actually looked cute. I definitely need to get a better white though, I had major issues with the two I tried.

That's all for now :)


  1. Love this! Thanks for the link to the decal shop, too; Mr. K doesn't usually pay attention to my nails but I bet if I put Viking heads on them he might. :)

  2. Thanks Karen :) Lori over there is great and if you want something she doesn't have email her and she will send you images. I did that a few times.

    Ok, now is Mr. K going to notice because he is a Vikings fan or because they are the enemy?


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