Thursday, September 8, 2011

DS Signature and Carbonite Spots

Hey Everyone! Today there seems to be drama everywhere, is it a full moon? I took my polish off at work today. I intended on doing my mani there but didn't have the time. I had a chip on my thumb and my goodness the stained, yellow nail peeking out at me was AWFUL!! The peelies that Nail Quencher caused are not as prominent as they were which is good. They are still there and I had to force myself not to peel them but it isn't as bad as before. They are pretty badly stained though. I tried whitening toothpaste not too long ago and it didn't do anything so now I guess I am going to try baking soda and lemon juice. If anyone has any suggestions or tips I am all ears. They look so sickly lol.

I have an awesome polish today to combat the crazy. My wonderful friend sent this to me and I love it! There are not a lot of pink polishes that I can say I love but cmon, this baby is holo and gorgeous.

OPI DS Signature!! I need say no more. I used Revlon Carbonite for stamping after a day.

Pretty rainbows! That is my bf's hand that my nails are on. He is now officially on the blog lol. I used two coats of Signature.

So so pretty. We didn't have much sun so I didn't get a ton of pictures but this is pretty holo inside so I still enjoyed it.

I like holo polishes, they are such a cheery rainbows.

Definitely distracting when you are trying to type and work.

This was with flash because there was no sun and I wanted to show a picture with a lot of light. It didn't work out as well as I planned lol.

I used Carbonite for stamping after a day. I have a short attention span lol. Carbonite stamps really well by the way.

Of course the day that the stamping is on the holo the sun is out in full force, my luck is impeccable.

That's all for now :)


  1. Stupid drama! Stupid Nail Quenchers! Stupid peelies!

    Pink looks really nice on you though.

  2. Thanks Denise!!! :)

    Stupid is one of my favorite words on days like that. Everything ends up being stupid lol.

  3. Let's shake hands;) I was wearing Zoya Cynthia and now my nails are soooo stained, ew!

    Pretty mani, it suits you:)

  4. Oh noo it stained?! Mine are awful I have to go buy a lemon today. Cynthia didn't outright stain mine but probably didn't help lol.

    Thank you and THANK you :)


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