Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It is a Merry Midnight!

Hey Everyone!!!! Is it Friday yet? lol I have tons of pictures for you today so I better get to it. I think there is something I wanted to post about but I have forgotten now so I guess it wasn't too important.

I had a nice little break that started the nubblett stage that I am currently in. The nail broke so bad it left me with no choice but to cut it off.

So this is where the sad story begins.

I tried to cheer myself up with the gorgeous OPI Merry Midnight that was given to me by my amazing friend Silke.

It is just as amazing as I have always heard. I used 3 coats.

I didn't want to scar your eyes any more than I already did so I did the nub.

My cuticles started going nuts at this point as well. I was just thinking about it today and I have been using Sally Hansen Nail Quenchers Cuticle cream here and there at work. Since the polish did nothing but cause peelies I was wondering if perhaps the cream was causing my cuticles to freak out.

You are safe now, this is the good hand.

Merry Midnight is insanely gorgeous and I can see what all the hype is about.

I would like this in Blue and Green please!

Sigh, my nails were getting so long too.

Some sun shots.

So pretty!

Ok over on the new nail board it is theme week! This week is Space week and Monday was Galaxy nails. This is my sad fail of a Galaxy.

The thumb looks better than the rest but not like a Galaxy.

For some reason two of my fingers had crazy cracks like on my index finger. I have no idea what happened. They were fine when I went to sleep. I might give up on the Space themed nails...

And I leave you with Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior all ready for bed. :)

That's all for now :)


  1. Oh no! I saw your pics and my nail hurt in sympathy! I had an awful break like that 6 weeks before my wedding...lucky it grew back in time. I agree Blue and Green gorgeous flakie polishes please.

  2. Yes, Julie, hooray it's Friday, lol!!

    Ouch (Auw, Aua), it's already hurting by looking at your nail:(

    Merry Midnight looks great on you. Koh has great flakies (Blue Universe, a green flakie, a bronze flakie ...)

    It's so cute that Bruce even have a cuddly toy, what a spoiled little cat:)

  3. I was afraid to post the awful picture because it is not pretty lol but it is actually a lot better than the one that broke Sunday. I don't have pictures of that one because it broke even lower.

    Ame I am glad your nail had time to grow back, my luck it would have broken the day before or something lol.

    Silke, it is not Friday :( I actually had to stop and think for a minute when I read that lol.

    Thanks :) yes, I have seen Blue Universe and instantly wanted it lol There need to be EVEN MORE though!!!

    Let me tell you, I had to stop putting a water bowl in his house because every morning I would wake up to find Lambert (that is what I named his toy) drowning in the water bowl lol. Bruce is very spoiled though lol


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