Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Misa Never Say Never

Hey Everyone! Ok, I finished the book! It was really good too and best of all I am not obsessively reading right now and I can do this post :) Now I have to see the movie and be disappointed because the movie never lives up to the books.

Today I have the mani I did for the Band Camp End of Summer performance. I am a little behind because I posted the back to school week theme first. I wanted to do something musical since it was a performance. I didn't have the plate I wanted but found this and since I was running out of time I just went with it.

I used plate B11 for the stamping. I stamped with Zoya Cynthia.

I used two coats of Misa Never say Never from the Spring Wishes collection. I got this one from a blog sale. I love blog sales! I have mostly had great experiences getting polishes that I wanted or brands I have wanted to try for great prices. The last order I made from a blog sale unfortunately never came :(  It is a total bummer because I really wanted those polishes too. You win some you lose some.

I used two coats of Never Say Never. It is a great silvery white color. This one actually dried more satin like which I didn't expect at all.

I didn't want to stamp the Treble Clef in plain old black so I went with Cynthia.

I realized when I was editing these pictures that they are all almost the same. Oops. I will have to start taking pictures a little different from now on.

I liked this mani but it wasn't out there enough for me.

I will do another musical manicure for the next band performance so I am hoping that I get a couple more Konad plates with musical designs by then.

And since we haven't had a Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior picture in a bit here you go :) He got a shot yesterday and we are going to get him neutered probably next week. He is so funny. The bf said he was fine at the vet's office until Dr. Henry walked in the room. As soon as he saw the doctor he started hissing and having a fit. The vet tech had to hold him down so the doctor could give him his shot. He was not happy at all. We also got sad news about Midget. Her cancer is inoperable. He doesn't know how long she has but right now she is pretty healthy so we will see. :(  Please keep her in your thoughts.

That's all for now :)

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