Thursday, September 29, 2011

No post today :(

Hey everyone!!

Well I have had quite a horrible day and don't feel up to posting anything so I am not going to. For those of you that aren't on the nail board I will explain.

The bf found a box of five abandoned kittens on the front step of the adoption office at his job. There is a sign that clearly says the hours are Saturday and Sunday. Luckily he went over there for something because otherwise they wouldn't have been found for a LONG while. Only two were alive when he found them and he took them to the vet. The little black one was pretty feisty and doing well and the orange one was not so good. The vet gave the orange one a shot and said they both looked pretty good and they should be ok. Unfortunately when he was leaving work to go get them food he noticed the black one was not doing well. He rushed him to the vet but he didn't make it. The vet told him to get the orange one food immediately which he did and he was doing ok. We had him at home and were trying to keep him warm and take care of him but he didn't make it either. :'( They were only a couple of days old. 

I won't even get into how much I hate people and wish the jackasses that did this nothing but the worst. WHY would they not take them to an animal hospital or even the humane society. SOMEWHERE that there were doctors and people that could help them instead of leaving them on the doorstep of a DOG KENNEL for God knows how long. To say I am upset and pissed off is quite an understatement. I really hate people.

In nail news my cuticles are TORE up and hurt and red and cut and just not nice. I decided to bust out my Sally Hansen nail strips since I really don't want to mess with acetone or anything for a couple of days. I will have my nail strips post for you probably Saturday since I have one more mani lined up for you before then. We will see how these strips hold up.

That's all for now 


  1. Oh, those poor babies. Sometimes some people can make me so sick and angry. Defenseless baby kitties didn't do anything to anyone and they didn't deserve the fate that befell them.

    At least you and your BF tried your best to help them. Please try not to blame yourselves. *hug*

  2. I saw your posts about this on the new nb but couldn't comment because it was just so sad. I don't know what's wrong with some people. Good on you and your bf for doing everything you could. Give Bruce an extra hug (does he let people hug him?) and trust that there's a kitty heaven for the poor babies.

  3. I found you blog from the new NB. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. :-( I too, hate people who hurt animals in any way. Makes me sick. I don't throw the term hate around very often, but that's how I feel about animal abusers. You and your BF did the best you could. At least you tried to help them. Good for you. *HUGS*

  4. Thank you all!!! It means a lot that you all took the time to be supportive.

    I am finally feeling a little better and realize we did what we could. ((HUGS)) You all are the best!!!!

    Ali, I am glad you found my blog :) I hope you enjoy :) I spent most of yesterday reading yours and I am almost caught up :) (yes I am a dork and when I discover a new blog I go back and read it from the beginning lol)


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