Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Lily Love You Cynthia

Hey everyone!!! I have had such a chaotic time lately. Today there is work drama which I never like. Let's just say I am really confused as to what is going on and if I had any part in it. It doesn't really have any impact on me other than I will have to do two jobs until a replacement is found and then train and get said replacement ready. It was just sudden and unexpected and I wonder what the real root of the issue is. I probably won't find out so I shouldn't pay it mind but I am a people pleaser and want to be assured that it wasn't due to anything with me. I had to do this other person's job yesterday as well and then by the time I got home I just relaxed.

I have mentioned before that I love reading but get a little obsessed with a book and neglect life when I am absorbed in the story. I must apologize because that happened last night and caused my post to not be posted. I am reading the book The Help and it is good. I was actually quite hostile when the bf wanted to go upstairs. I then felt bad because I was so hostile lol. I spent most of the evening reading while he watched his recorded wrestling from Monday night. He actually wanted to go upstairs so early so I could paint my nails and we could get to bed before it got too late. He is a good egg. I ended up not even painting my nails and instead talked to him for awhile since I had basically ignored him all night then got hostile about being torn away from my book. I have 8 chapters left!!! I can't wait to finish it.

Since I got all wrapped up in the book I didn't edit new pictures. I planned on showing you this mani yesterday then do another one that didn't involve a color I just posted about last night. Today I will post this one and another one tonight to make it up to you :)

I took my original Zoya Cynthia manicure from yesterday's post as you see here and added OPI I Lily Love You.

ILLY is from OPIs Nice Stems Summer collection. It is the only one from the collection I bought because I don't do pink. This is a flakie though so I couldn't resist.

I love flakies. I think I used one coat over Cynthia for this mani. I will check tonight since my notebook is at home.

I think it looks great over something other than pink.

Some of the flakies are big ol chunks and they don't always want to lay flat. That is my only issue with this polish. I had to press a couple down so they weren't sticking up.

I had seen this polish used over pink and black but wanted to try something different. I think it looks good over the teal.

It seems to lighten Cynthia up a little bit too.

That's all for now :)

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