Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stone Cold

Hey Everyone! I am doing everything I can to avoid working today. I really just do not want to do anything. Last night I bit down on my warm cheesy grilled cheese sandwich and had an instant shooting pain in my tooth. Way not cool! Not only was in unpleasant then but it was also unpleasant for the rest of the night when I ate or drank anything. Doesn't matter if it is hot, cold, room temperature, soft or hard. I am quite unhappy and stressed now but luckily going to the dentist tomorrow (OH JOY AGAIN!!!!) to have it checked out. Since it is one of the teeth they already worked on I am of course paranoid that it will need a root canal which is no longer a part of my vocabulary. I refuse! So I am not in the best mood today and not motivated to do much. Tonight is open house at my son's school too. I think this is probably good for the teachers and my son because I don't really feel like talking or hanging out long. *SIGH* it's always something fun and exciting.

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Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior says HI! He has been very sweet and nice since his surgery which is great. He jumps on everything and I even caught him on the refrigerator last night but at least he is not attacking feet, hands, noses and anything else he can get his sharp little paws and teeth on. I uploaded these pictures in a certain order and wouldn't you know they ended up on here completely backwards. I am not going to change them because I am not in the mood so we are going to start from the end and work our way forward lol.

I didn't want to include this picture but for some reason it is here so please excuse the hair. I was holding my brush :( I really like the way the polish looks in this picture though.

I am not going to wait for the end of the post and the bottle shot to tell you this is Orly Stone Cold from the Mineral FX collection. I used 2 coats because I wanted to see if it would make it darker. It does. It is a lot darker and more glowy with two but I could have gotten away with one. It applied very nicely.

This polish glows. It is gorgeous! I love blue and this one was very close to the color of my car.

I stared at this polish a lot. It is THAT pretty.

I love the name because it reminds me of wrestling which the bf is a HUGE fan of.

I tried to get him to go buy it for me when he was off by telling him it was called Stone Cold and it was essential to my collection. It didn't work. I ended up picking it up myself a few days later.

Of course when I told him I had gotten it he acted like he was actually going to go get it for me and I ruined his plans. Dude doesn't understand that limited edition collections do not wait around lol

See how shiny and sparkly and pretty it is?

Now I have to go back and get Emberstone since I already have Rock Solid. I may pick up the others later if I find them for a steal of a deal.

Here it is Orly Stone Cold.

That's all for now :)


  1. That polish is so pretty and it looks smashing on you. :)

    Your kitty is so cute! :D

  2. Thank you :) Bruce thanks you too, he loves the attention :)


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