Thursday, September 1, 2011

Paws and Dogs

Hey Everyone! I am multitasking right now :) I have my Fantasy Football draft going as well as my brother's lap top equipped with his draft. I am essentially drafting both of our teams because he couldn't do it tonight. I was also editing pictures and now writing this blog at the same time. AND I am having a text conversation with a friend. I am also trying to guide my son toward making his Language Arts assignment make sense because right now he is way out in left field. It is quite hectic lol. There are not enough hours in the day.

Today I have for you a semi review and mani using water slide decals. I was searching ebay for some nail art and came across a store with different water decals. I had a great idea for greyhound manis but that breed was not listed in the dog section. I emailed the seller and Lori responded very quickly with several different images for me to chose from. I actually ended up choosing 3 different images but today I am going to show you one.

I ordered the decals from Lucky Star Style. They are $1.80 per set with free shipping. So far their customer service has been excellent and I have ordered twice. I will have a better review for you in a few days. As you will see my first attempt at using these had some issues.

I used the paw print from this Essence stamping plate.

I used a base of Revlon Hazy and stamped the paw prints in Orly Prince Charming. I used two coats of Hazy.

My placement for both the stamping and the decals was a little off. As you can see the poor doggie on my index finger was almost beheaded.

I love the color combination with the paw prints and the dogs.

I had some issue with the decals wrinkling. It was quite upsetting. I emailed Lori and she so kindly suggested I use less water when I am putting the decals on. Apparently drowning them is not recommended.

I used Poshe because it is nice and thick and I thought it would cover the decals nicely. I used two coats but it didn't help. Unfortunately the wrinkling caused it to not be real flat. Once again user error and this didn't happen on the next attempt.

There was definitely a learning curve for me regarding application. I went through a few extra decals because my first attempt was so awful I had to take it off and try again. This was my second attempt in an hour. I also didn't let my polish dry enough. I was so excited to use them I couldn't wait for polish to dry.

This is my Midget. She is my older dog. We just found out that she has cancer :( She goes for another exam on Tuesday. Please keep her in your thoughts.

And here is Mr. Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior. He is staring at the bf ready to jump at him.

That's all for now :)


  1. Such a cute mani and the paw print is working! So sorry to hear about Midget:( How old is she? What a nice doggie.

    Hahaha, Mr. Bruce "the ear biting cat from hell" is very good in hypnotizing;)

  2. Thank you Silke! Midget is about 9 I think, somewhere around that age. She is a good girl. She is going to the doctor today so we will see.

    Mr. Bruce is quite a brat sometimes. We had a horrible bath experience this weekend. I don't know what he got into but he smelled. Lets just say I have scratches, bruises and there were tears. He goes to the doctor today too for a shot. he will NOT be happy


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