Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stranger Tides is Always Winning

Hey Everyone!! I am trying to get this post out nice and early for you all :) I looked at my nails last night and realized they are getting long. I mean long for me anyway. My ring finger and pinkies are actually showing over my finger. SO EXCITED!! Now that I said this of course they will break but I don't care. I am excited. This picture is about a week or so old so they are a little longer than these pictures show.

Today should be a hectic day and tonight is the Beatles show and dinner. I am already tired just thinking about it. My son finally had his schedule changed at school so now he has a new Civics class complete with homework and no book. As if I wasn't already concerned that he was being changed and would be behind now he gets to be further behind because they won't give him a book to do his work with. I love the school system! I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I don't drink at this point lol.

So today I have some pictures of OPI Stranger Tides with an accent nail of Cult Nails Always Winning. Stranger Tides is from OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean collection (Can you believe I have still not seen that movie yet? I can't) and Always Winning is from Cult Nails A Day at the Races collection.

I used two coats of Stranger Tides on most of my nails and three on a couple. It was very streaky and uneven for the first coat. Most of the nails were ok after two but I still had a couple that were uneven so that is where the third coat comes in. I love the color but the streaky application drove me nuts.

I used 2 coats of Always Winning. One coat was too sheer so I added a second to darken it up a bit. This polish is meant to be for layering so the sheer aspect is pretty much expected.

Always Winning had quite a strong smell to it but it is a great metallic olive color and I love the glitter. It has some holo and some gold glitter that make it SPARKLE!!

I am not sure if I like these two colors together but individually I love both of them. As a side note can I just mention how this is the second time I have heard the song Roxanne today. On TWO different stations no less. I really hate radio for only playing the same handful of songs over and over each day. I listen to one station in the morning that is a more docile, soft, popular but not too boring station because I hate the morning show on our classic rock station. When I get to work I put the classic rock station on because their garbage morning show is over and the idiots that do programming down here shut down our regular rock station and replaced it with stupidity. So now I have heard this song on both stations today. The radio scene down here seriously needs some help!

Ok, sorry about that rant, let me get back to polish as I jam to some crazy old rock song I have never heard of. Where was I? Oh yes, Stranger Tides. It is a nice murky greenish grayish green. Yeah, with descriptions like that it is no wonder I try and stick with the basics.

I am fond of murky colors. I like swampy greens and browns and yellows in general. It makes me wonder why Oscar the Grouch was not my favorite character on the Street. I was a HUGE Grover fan and still love the cute little guy. I am also a Cookie Monster fan but if you saw me you would understand that one, I love me some cookies :)

Wow, I can not stay on topic today at all lol. It is also quite fitting that the Beatles are now on the radio lol.

Well That is all for now :)


  1. Greyed greens really look good on you.

  2. Thank you mucho :) I am glad because I really LOVE these colors


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