Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun Bonus Pics

I am bored at work so you get a fun bonus post!! YAY! It is pretty slow this week which means there is way too much quiet going on here. I no likey.

Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior thinks it is fun to mess with my one dog's tail. He will attack her tail and feet randomly. I caught him in the act when she was laying in the kitchen door way last night.

She was watching dinner being made and he was attacking her wagging tail. I was talking to her and taking pictures of him which is why it was wagging.

This is poor Newey looking at me why did you bring this fur ball home?

This morning I stopped by my favorite dusty beauty shop for some clear rhinestones for my July 4th mani. Hopefully it works as well as it does in my head. They had a new rack of the China Glaze Metro Collection and I about fell over. I accidently left my phone in the car or there would be pics. I was too lazy to go out and get it and then I was glad I didn't because when I looked closer half of the slots were filled with random polishes. GRRRRR. I asked the chick and she said that was all they had and she didn't know if they would get the rest of them. Stupid fat hobbits! Get my hopes up then dash them. They did have Skyscraper which I really wanted.

I was planning on getting just Skyscraper and the rhinestones but they have a $10 limit on debit card purchases. This forced me to add a Konad plate. I picked this one because I have wanted it and figured now is as good a time as any. I love that little creature with the voodoo doll. They let me slide at 9 dollars and some change so I didn't have to buy anything else, darn.

Skyscraper is sooo pretty. I want to put it on NOW! Sadly the only ones they had were this, Brownstone, Urban Night, Traffic Jam and one of the other colors I didn't want. At least I got this one but I wish they had the other three I was most interested in. 

They have little packages of rhinestones and I searched and searched looking for the clear ones. They have packs of 20 and then packs of 50 I think but alas no clear. When I asked the girl she said oh yes over here and had this wheel behind the counter. Do I really need this many clear rhinestones? Oh well they were barely more expensive then the little packs so now I am set for life lol.

This was my drive to work this morning. The sun really wanted to come out but the clouds would not allow it. I hate this street people drive like morons on this street and there are always big trucks.

This is the little street that takes me to my job. More morons and trucks.

The sun came out for about 3.2 seconds then the rains came. Again. It was quite a storm and it is still grumpling out there. They lost power at home so I guess I am happy to be at work where the air is on.

That's all for now :)


  1. ChG Metro already?! I haven't even swatched my summer ones yet.

    Thanks for the Bruce pics--kittentoes & I were just discussing him over on the nailboard. Newey does look rather put upon. :)

  2. Yes I about tripped when I saw the rack. IT was a whole rack too not just a cheap China Glaze display. I wish they had more of the colors.

    Lol I better go over to the board now hehe. Newey was not pleased but she is a good sport, mostly.

  3. Look at Newey's eyes, looks like tears;) Bruce looks great! Where's the sun in the pictures?? If I hear Florida I think about sunshine;) Hugs:)

  4. lol yeah poor Newey she gets tired of being harassed sometimes. Bruce is getting huge. He is so spoiled too. We have not had much sun here lately. It is crazy, it was sunny this morning when I dropped off the kids then when I left the house for work it was starting to rain.


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