Friday, July 1, 2011

Jordana Purple Glam

It is another grey and rainy day here today. It is also really slow at work. We have had two orders all day which has made the day drag on lol. At least it is Friday and a long weekend so HAPPY DANCE!! It's been a long day! At least I am leaving work a bit early today which is a bonus.

Today is Canada Day so Happy Canada Day to those of you who who are Canadian or just like to celebrate Canadian holidays.

Today I have a Jordana polish I picked up from my favorite dusty beauty supply place. I have a few Jordana polishes now and they are pretty nice polishes for a great little price.

This one is called Purple Glam. It has bar and regular holo glitter in there. It makes me stare at it a lot.

Of course it was raining when I was taking pictures so there is no sun shots. Stupid rain.

The glitter didn't want to play with indoor lighting and flash so you don't get to see much of its shine.

I used two coats. A lot of people don't like bar glitter but in moderation I think it is completely healthy.

Looking at these pictures again they anger me because the glitter didn't show up for the party.

You will have to take my word for it I guess. It is nice and sparkly lol

That's all for now :)


  1. Gorgeous purple! :) Just wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award! Check it out on my page.

  2. Gorgeous purple nail polish, love it :)

    Love Christine ♥

  3. Thank you Emily!!! Super cool!!

    Thank you Christine :) I almost didn't buy it for myself (I picked one up for a friend)but I am glad I did.

  4. I picked this one up but want to try it as a layer color...Multiple coats seems to cover the shine of the bar glitter.

  5. Melissa you are right it does seem to cover the shine of the glitter. I never even thought of layering though DUH for me :) I think I will have to give it a try :)


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