Wednesday, July 13, 2011

China Glaze Urban Night

Good Day all! It is storming and raining AGAIN! I also have another dentist appointment today so my mood has been dampened. I got a couple packages last night which is exciting and I will have pictures of all my new pretties soon. I thought about busting em all out and putting them on my desk and taking pictures but I doubt my boss will enjoy that, especially since I am leaving early for the dentist. SO I will have to do that tonight. :)

I still have no idea what to do for a Harry Potter mani. You would think watching the movies would give me inspiration but I think it is mostly that the ideas I come up with are quite difficult.

Today I have for you the last polish I got from the China Glaze Metro Collection. Trust me when I say I am on the hunt for the rest! I am going to check the beauty supply store again this week. I planned on doing it this past weekend or Monday but couldn't make it there with the car situation. I might be able to go tomorrow so fingers crossed they have the others. Anyway, this is Urban Night.

This one gave me the most issue with application. I used a thin first coat and it was really streaky and probably too thin. The second coat was thicker and applied better but coverage was not even so I had to use three coats. I still had spots that were not even. Could just be operator error but I have my eye on you Urban Night.

This is a deep dark purple but you can tell that it is purple. These first couple pictures were in outside light with overcast skies.

I think I like it! It doesn't seem to be terribly unique though.

In direct sunlight in real life you can see the purple more clearly but it is very dark. It doesn't look black though. Inside it is much more purple.

I love the shininess of these cremes.

Duh, why did I not take inside shots of this? I am not sure if the three coats darkened it or it just looks dark on me. Overall I love China Glaze and their polishes but this one doesn't completely WOW me into next week. I think there are also probably similar colors out there.

That's all for now :)

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